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You Know You Own a Puppy When…

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1. Your partner tells you to stop showing random strangers photo of your new puppy.
2. Your puppy has it’s own Facebook page…and she has nearly more friends than you.
3. You start to wonder if a baby would have been easier when you’re on your fourth trip outside to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.
4. You are scared to buy shoes for fear they will become his latest chew toy.
5. You start brushing your dog’s hair more than your own.
6. Your friends start referring to you as ‘the crazy dog lady.’
7. You wonder if its weird to want to send out Holiday Cards from you and the dog.
8. You start to wish you could take a nap 5 times a day, only to wake up to treats and cuddles.
9. Your boss tells you that sick days ‘because your puppy got a fright from the vacuum cleaner’ do not count.
10. You watch 3 hours of Ice Road Truckers because your pup has fallen asleep in your lap and you can’t reach the remote.
11. You find yourself buying your flatmate a new pair of underpants after your puppy ‘accidentally’ ripped hers off the line.
12. You laugh at the nutball who bought shoes for her dog, but then log online to see if they come in pink.
13. You have Cesar Milan on speed dial.
14. You leave the TV on when you go out because your new puppy ‘likes’ Desperate Housewives.
15. You know that no matter what happens during the day, you’re happy knowing that you’ve got that little fluff ball to come home to. Awwww.

Join in the fun and add to the list through the comments below!
NB. Soda would like it noted that she no longer steals clothes from washing lines…

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5 responses to “You Know You Own a Puppy When…”

  1. Angela says:

    OMG this made me smile. As I could answer yes to nearly all of the points above, for example my dog Bailey has a photo with Santa every year and I have made an ecard to send out to family and friends. Love your daily fluffies xx

  2. Serena Faber Nelson says:

    I’m glad there are some kindred spirits out there! Once you welcome a puppy into your life it will never be the same – in the best possible way ever 🙂

  3. Liz says:

    I remember when our dog had puppies…. they would all sleep in the laundry and wake me at six am yapping and yipping. I’d stumble out of bed, open the back door and run through the wet dewy grass, doing laps around the backyard until they were all tired out trying to keep up with me….. would then take them back into the laundry and try and grab another hour or two sleep before waking up for the day….

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  5. Jane Moore says:

    Oh my gosh, that is so true, but you need to add that you can’t leave anything on the floor, they chew everything!!

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