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Celebrity Apprentice Australia Dog Wash!

Happy Wednesday Pretty Fluffies! I’m super excited today because I’m teaming up with the lovely Lisa from Puppy Tales to share with you the time we spent behind the scenes of The Celebrity Apprentice Australia which launches TONIGHT on Channel 9. Earlier this year we were lucky enough to go along to the filming of their very first challenge – a celebrity dog wash! There were pooches galore, The Hoff and even The Wonderdogs came along for the ride. But want the real goss of the day? Lisa and I have got you covered!

WHAT: The Celebrity Apprentice Australia Dog Wash Challenge
WHO: The Girls Team consisted of Australian celebrity royal Patti Newton (Dancing with the Stars), Charlotte Dawson (Australia’s Next Top Model), Lauryn Eagle (Water-ski and boxing champ), Marion Grasby (MasterChef Australia), Fiona O’Loughlin (Comedian), and Tania Zaetta (Bollywood actress), while the Boys Team was made up of David ‘The Hoff’ Hasselhoff (Baywatch, Knight Rider), Jason Akermanis (former AFL player), Ian “Dicko” Dickson (Australian Idol), Nathan Jolliffe (The Amazing Race Australia), Vince Sorrenti (Comedian) and Ben Dark (Getaway).
THE RULES: Each team had the afternoon to raise money for their chosen charities by offering their dog washing, grooming and pampering services. The team with the most money raised would be the winner.

Cutest Moment of the Day
Serena: Easily the appearance by The Wonderdogs. I could watch them all day! They were definitely the drawcard of the girls team.
Lisa: Ooh this is a hard one! On a personal note, Cress spotted his friend Birdy in the crowd and gave her a little kiss which was lovely as they have not caught up in a while. But overall a Border Collie pushing another Border Collie in a little plastic car is nearly impossible to beat, go The Wonderdogs!

Favourite Celebrity of the Day
Serena: It would have to be Vince Sorrenti – who I caught handing out water to thirsty puppies lining up for a photo. He didn’t have to do this, and his unexpected act of kindness impressed me.
Lisa: After watching the teams at work I would have to say Ian “Dicko” Dickson, which I would not have picked beforehand. He was friendly, charming and very cooperative with everyone. He also came across as a great team player.

Celeb Most Likely to be the Villian of the Series
Serena: I’m going to vote for Charlotte Dawson. Beautiful, hilarious and capable of a pretty mean dog impression, she’s the perfect villan you’ll love to hate.
Lisa: This year I think it will be Tania Zaetta. I think she is outspoken and crazy enough to brush some celebs the wrong way. Her and Charlotte Dawson head-to-head will be a ratings winner!

Most Memorable Moment of the Day
Serena: Meeting the Hoff. Who then absentmindedly walked off in the middle of taking his photo with us. I can imagine for the Boys Team having the Hoff as a team member would be slightly like herding cats on a daily basis!
Lisa: When Cress got to meet the Hoff and in true Cress form, licked him in the mouth. Enough said!

Our Pick for the Winner of the Pet Wash Challenge
Serena: The Boys Team, hands down. The were super organised, had twice the amount of dogs visiting their stand and overall the team was working together to make sure everyone, including the pooches, had fun!
Lisa: I will be very surprised if The Boys Team don’t win, as David Hasselhoff was an amazing draw card and their queue of dogs to be washed was double the size of The Girls. In saying that, the Hoff’s antics might have distracted them from the actual task at hand.

Who will be Fired First
Serena: I’m voting Marion Grasby. The lovely master chef looked a little out of her depth surrounded by dogs and extroverted celebrities. Which is a shame because she would kill it if they had a cook-off challenge!
Lisa: Fiona O’Loughlin has my vote on this one. I have the feeling this fun-loving lady might get side-lined by the other strong personalities on the girls team!

Who Will Win the Series
Serena: While my sentimental favourite is the ever lovely Patti Newton, I think Ian “Dicko” Dickson is the dark horse of this series. At the dog wash he was a team player and was on top of his team’s strategy constantly reevaluating their progress. There was no sign of the Mr Nasty judge from his Idol days, just a lovely guy getting on with the job.
Lisa: I think Vince Sorrenti might be still standing at the end. Just like the comedian Julia Morris last season if he can keep the atmosphere fun while working hard I think he will win.

The first episode of Celebrity Apprentice 2012 Australia launches on Channel 9 tonight! Stay up to date with the latest news at their Facebook Page. For more goss and behind the scenes pics don’t forget to check out Lisa’s post over at Puppy Tales today!

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