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Jackie O & Molly

I’ve been a fan of Jackie O’s style for years. Like her famous namesake Jackie O (real name Jackie Henderson) has a classic sense of style, but always manages to be on trend and looking gorgeous in the process. With so much attention on the new addition to the family of late – an adorable baby girl named Kitty, I keep on thinking how Jackie’s much loved Maltese, Molly, is handling no longer being the only child. An animal lover from way back, Jackie rescued Molly over a decade ago and her cute little puppy is now a grand old lady. Let’s steal their style:

1. Jackie O at home with Molly (via 2DayFM)
2. Jackie O (via SMH)
3. Jackie O Lead from Blueblood Living
4. Hamptons Tote from Blueblood Living

Are you a Kyle & Jackie O fan? Did you know they both own rescue dogs?
What are your tips for Jackie on how to introduce a new baby to the family dog?

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  1. Love that you’ve made a dog blog so pretty Serena!

  2. Those photos are so inspiring. They make me want to try and look as fab as Jackie O and Molly.

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