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Miranda Kerr & Frankie

I grew up a few towns over from where Miranda Kerr called home for the first part of her life. I don’t think I had the same water supply as her though because my legs are not even half as long as hers! But I digress, we’re here to talk about puppies right? Now as we all know Miranda is pregnant with her first child, due January 2011 (next month!) but that’s not to forget she already has a very much loved furbaby called Frankie.
This little Yorkshire Terrier is one little lucky pup – not only does he get to call Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom ‘Mum and Dad’ but he gets to jetset all over the world in style. Here’s him outrunning the paps at LAX.

{Image via Nadine & the City}

Want to steal Frankie’s style? Here’s a ‘luxe’ and a ‘less’ option…

Louis Vuitton Dog Carrier. Featuring the luxury monogram of LV, this gorgeous little carrier is resistant to water and scratches, comes with a washable lining and a breathable mesh window. And to be rock stars like Miranda and Frankie you can even personalise the luggage tag with your initials. The Louis Vuitton Dog Carrier comes in a number of sizes and starts from RRP$1910.

Metallic Heart Shaped Dog Tag. Don’t have a multimillionaire movie star husband or a Victoria’s Secret contract to pay for a LV carrier? Not to worry Frankie’s oh-so-cute heart shaped tag doesn’t need to break the bank. You can find this adorable ID tag at GoTags.com for only $7.95.

Now if only there was a product that would give me Miranda’s legs…

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