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Oprah & Sunny and Lauren

I LOVE Oprah.
Always have.
Always will.
So of course I am over the moon that she is arriving in Australia today and gearing up to film two shows at the Sydney Opera House next week. Of course I’m secretly hoping that I will run into her while shopping at Paddington markets on the weekend. Well the odds are slightly higher considering she’s going to now be in the same country as me, right? Right?
Anyway…when she’s not giving away cars, or watching Tom Cruise jump on couches, Oprah does a lot of good in the fluffy world. Case in point, this year she pumped up her 3 strong dog pack of Sadie, Luke and Layla by adding two new rescue puppies from PAWS – the gooorgeeeeous Sunny and Lauren. These two little butterballs were Oprah’s gift to herself for her 56th birthday.
Well, what do you get the woman who has everything?

{Image via Oprah.com}

With this one act Oprah really got me thinking. Firstly a note to self, Remember to welcome two new puppies into your home on 56th birthday and be awesome like Oprah. Secondly, is it just me or do Oprah’s puppies have the same gorgeous, bouncy curls as their new owner? But thirdly, and most importantly, did you realise that Oprah’s new puppies are purebred Springer Spaniels?? Pure. Bred. That were rescued from the pound. Talk about a lucky break. These 14 week old gems were not only fortunate enough to survive – being rescued by the brilliant no-kill organisation PAWS – they’ve gone on to hit the jackpot by finding a home with one of the world’s greatest dog lovers.

It’s something to remember if you or anyone you know is thinking of getting a fluffy addition to their family, PUH-LEASE check out your local pound and rescue centres first. Even if you’re looking for a pure breed. Remember these dogs are the ones that need homes the most.

Would you consider getting a rescue dog?
Do you have a rescue dog?
Do you love Oprah as much as me? Or were you more a Phil Donahue fan?

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