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Princess Mary & Ziggy

There was never ever any doubt that I would be a Princess Mary fan. Just the fact that she was a brunette born in Australia that ended up marrying a super hot Danish Prince was enough for me. The fact that they met in a bar I, ummm, visited back in the day was the icing on the cake. Then when she introduced a chocolate Border Collie to the family – well, that was the cherry on top! As a style icon in her own right now, Princess Mary rarely makes a wrong step in the fashion stakes. So it goes without saying that her pup, Ziggy, follows in her footsteps. Let’s steal their style…

Clockwise from Top Right:
Princess Mary sharing a sweet moment with her Chocolate Border Collie, Ziggy from Hello Magazine.
I want this office! And the outfit, and the shoes… Mary at home from Hello Magazine.
Get the Mary look with these OTK Nude Boots from Cherry Red
Perfect for a Princely Pup: Preppy Lead in Brown & Pink from Mungo & Maud
Princess Mary and a puppy Ziggy from SMH.
A Royal Dog has to keep clean. Aesop Animal fur and body wash – Australian made, just like Mary!

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2 responses to “Princess Mary & Ziggy”

  1. I agree. I love her all the more for being a brunette Aussie with class and taste. She is beautiful. Our hotel was on the same block as her castle in Copenhagen and the flag was up that indicated she was in residence. It wasn’t until we came home that we found out we had a family connection with her that could have set us up to meet her! Agh! Can you imagine?

  2. Maggie says:

    Loving the collage! And the Mungo & Maud leash is so perfect.

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