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Ryan Gosling & George

If he didn’t get you with his deep blue eyes in the Notebook, he will get you with his red hot abs in Crazy Stupid Love. Seriously. Check them out. And again. (Handy Hint: You WANT to click on that last one…) I’m talking about Ryan Gosling of course. This man has been melting hearts internationally for years. And now with his seemingly photoshopped abs, there seems little we can all do to avoid his ab-tastic charms. But did you know he also has possibly the coolest dog on the planet? Yep I’m talking about the mutt with the mohawk – George. Sure, apparently he’s not welcome in yoga classes anymore but seriously, could these two be any cuter? Let’s steal their style…

Clockwise from Top Right:
Ryan and George Street Style from Buzzfeed
Red & White Dog Bandana from Rocstar Dog Boutique
Gratuitous Hot Shot of Mr Gosling from Style Bistro
Play Balls from Harry Barker
George Rocking the Mohawk from Buzzfeed
The perfect prodz for a Mutt Mohawk in the making from Urban Animal Scientist

Want more of this adorable pair? Check out George’s appearance on Jimmy Fallon here and THIS hilarious video featuring Ryan and the awesome Erin Foster. You’re welcome.

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9 responses to “Ryan Gosling & George”

  1. Fiona says:


    Thanks for your comment – great to meet more Aussies before I myself become one. Also great to meet a fellow Ryan Gosling fan, although I think there are few women left who aren’t won over!
    Have you seen http://ryangoslingvspuppy.tumblr.com/
    …seems right up your street!

    Fiona x

  2. Cheryl says:

    Oh, wow. This might be my favorite blog post of all time! Love Ryan Gosling… hunk!

  3. So glad I stumbled across this post on a Friday (I am so far behind on my Google Reader). Think I’ll be fairly distracted this morning while at work! LOVED that second link (the ab introductions) – hilarious! x

  4. this post made my whole week! i heart ryan gosling so much!

  5. Ok, so I’ve had a little crush on Ryan Gosling lately but knowing he takes his dog to yoga makes me love him more! xx

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