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Sarah Hyland & Barkley Bixby

I am a huge Modern Family fan. HUGE. I love that show so much, that I can’t even begin to decide who is my favourite character. Gloria is beauty personified, Cam I adore, Phil & Luke crack me up… Sometimes I hear myself and I sound exactly like perfectionist Claire (Phil: “When everybody else sees something beautiful, she sees the one thing that’s wrong”). There’s not one actor that fails to have me in stitches.

But off screen, I have to say my radar is squarely focused on Sarah Hyland AKA Haley Dunphy. This girl knows how to glow whether she’s working a red carpet or walking the dog. And have you seen her dog? WTF!* Cute with a capital C. Let’s steal their style…

Clockwise from Top Left:
Sarah and Barkley Bixby. Does the name sound familiar? Barkley is the name of the crazy dog butler on Modern Family that freaks Gloria out, while Bixby is the fictional last name Phil Dunphy gives himself on Valentine’s Day. HILARIOUS. Photos from Sarah’s Official Facebook Page.
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Dog Walking in Style – Photo from Sarah Hyland Fan
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For more Sarah & Barkley, you can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

* Why The Face?

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