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7 Top Pet Products from Global Pet Expo 2013

In PART II of our Global Pet Expo round up, our friend and pet industry PR pro, Kerry Sutherland (founder of K. Sutherland PR, a boutique public relations agency headquartered in southern California) is back to share her Top 7 pet product finds…

Best New Products - Global Pet Expo 2013 | Pretty Fluffy

I’m back from Global Pet Expo, the world’s largest, annual industry tradeshow and still feeling giddy about some of the amazing new products that will be hitting store shelves later this year! Here are my TOP 7 finds:

1. RAVING ABOUT: THE THUNDERLEASH – The makers of one of my favorite pet products, Thundershirt, introduced a new product to their line of solutions for dogs and cats suffering from anxiety and fear. Their new ThunderLeash is so easy to use, and quiet simply, genius. The company says the ThunderLeash is expected to be available for purchase in May. MORE HERE

2. WISHING FOR: ZEE.DOG LEASHES + COLLARS – Zee.Dog is hot. This lifestyle brand made their US debut at the show last month (they started the company in Brazil late last year). Their leashes and collars specifically are colorful, made from high-quality, durable materials and just look really cool too… I want! I want! I want! MORE HERE

3. OBSESSED WITH: SOGGY DOGGY SUPER SHAMMY – I was lucky enough to receive a Soggy Doggy Super Shammy, and I’ll be honest- it comes in very handy for me as my dog and I regularly enjoy beach days in Huntington Beach. The product is the softest ever. It absorbs 5x more water than a cotton towel, is odor and bacteria free, easy-to-use with pockets on either end for quick drying and machine washer/dryer friendly. If you bathe your dog often, hit the beach, lake, trails or live in a wet/rainy area- you need one. MORE HERE

4. CURIOUS ABOUT: PAW PODS – At first glance, this product made me a little sad. Who likes to talk about pet after care? But, it’s a fact of life and I was curious to learn more because I’ve never seen anything like Paw Pods (plus, we’ve got a really sick puppy in the family so it hit home). These eco-friendly, biodegradable pet burial pods help provide a meaningful experience for the entire family when the time comes to say goodbye. And, each year you can enjoy watching perennial flowers blossom in remembrance of the loving pet you’ve lost. MORE HERE

5. PONDERING: HING – I was introduced to this brand at the show, and LOVED LOVED LOVED their modern, super stylish pet feeding bowls. With several bright colors to choose from, I just can’t stop thinking about which one is best for our dog, Jesse and of course my kitchen. MORE HERE

6. IN DESPERATE NEED OF: ZUTUTH – I personally need to stop solely relying on my veterinarian to handle our dog’s dental healthcare. I brush my teeth more than twice a year, so Jesse really deserves and requires the same attention. Zututh offers pet parents both manual and an electric (yay!) toothbrush designed specifically for dogs, to adapt to the unique arrangement of their teeth and jaw. Plus, with a price point starting at only $4.99- really, there’s no excuse. Open up, Jesse! MORE HERE

7. WILL BE GIFTING: UP COUNTRY DOG TREAT BOXES – On the way to a puppy shower, party or looking for a cute housewarming gift for a dog lover in your life? I loved these Up Country Dog Treat Boxes! So colorful, made from solid wood and feature super cute, unique designs- can you imagine filling with your favorite or homemade dog treats and giving as a gift? I love it! MORE HERE

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