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Downton Abbey Inspired Pet Accessories

Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

The minute I saw that waggy little tail appearing on the screen while the orchestral score swelled during the opening credits of Downton Abbey I knew I was hooked. But although it got me with a loyal labrador, what’s kept me glued to my screen is the scandalous storylines, the forbidden love affairs, and the breathtaking fashion of the iconic turn of the century era. Prepare to be inspired by Downton Abbey…

Clockwise from Top Right:
Selfishly starting with something for us, you can’t do Downton without a hat. This Crown Collection Cloche from Shopstyle is perfect.
From the original British Coat Company, Mutts & Hounds, this Stripey Labrador Linen Squeaky Bone Toy will turn your dog into a honorary Brit for the day.
Smarten up Mr Bates! These cute Doggie Bow Ties from Best in Park will turn any dog into a prestige pooch.
Hang a piece of canine history on your wall with this iconic UK Black & White Scotch Whiskey print from Art.com
A home fit for your fluffy aristocrat! Find this classic Soft Pet House over at Coco & Pud.
Fancy a turn about the library? Set the scene with your own button tufted occasional chair from Coco Republic.
Need a stylish place to hang one’s leash? Try this Walter Wall Plaque by Best in Park.
Be smitten by this Rubber Gum Bear Dog Toy by the classic, London based Dog & Cat Outfitters, Mungo and Maud.
Inspired by the fine craftmanship of horse bridles and saddles, these personalised engraved collars are made from chestnut bridle leather and custom brass.

And not to be remiss, here’s that tail waggle that started it all…

Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

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12 responses to “Downton Abbey Inspired Pet Accessories”

  1. Taylor K. says:

    I love love love everything about this post! I got so excited when I saw you did a Downton Abbey theme tied in with dogs! I want everything on this post!

  2. Oh my goodness, that little doggy castle is hilarious! I want one!

  3. Oh I love what you have put together here Serena! I haven’t actually seen Downtown Abbey but everyone keeps talking about it so I think I need to check it out! + I just saw it was your birthday, so BIG happy birthday to you. I completely agree that 30’s are far better than 20’s. Have a wonderful weekend xx

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