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The Hottest Pet Trends for 2015

Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

Photography: As Listed

It’s time to suit up little fluffies!

A brand new year is a brand new opportunity to update your pup’s wardrobe and accessories.

In years gone by it wasn’t so crazy to buy your dog one collar and maybe a rain coat from your local pet supply store and call it a day.

But nowadays we know that our dogs need warm and protective clothes to protect them from the elements just like us, as well as handy walking gear to keep them safe and comfortable when out and about.

So I say, why not have some fun with it all?

A cute new coat or fancy new harness not only provides your pup with what they need, it’s also a great way to add a splash of colour and fun to your day.

So without further ado…Here are our picks for the hottest pet trends to watch in 2015.


Say bye bye chevron, there’s some new faces in town…

Geometric is hot hot hot and we’re seeing it in everything from home decor to stationery. So why not get your pup in on the action?

Southwestern Tribal Patterns have been popping up more and more in recent months too – a fabulous option when you want a splash of colour in a classic print.


Pink Hipster Hooded Vest by Frenchdogwear – Click to Buy
Southwestern Tribal Pattern Artwork by Rebekah E. Designs at Society6 – Click to Buy


Harnesses are easily one of the fastest growing products in the pet world in recent years – and for good reason. They’re comfortable, safe and ergonomic for your dog.

But in 2015, harnesses have gone one step further in the fashion stakes! No longer the dog collar’s sensible step-sister, dog harnesses now come with all sorts of cute embellishments – such as fashion prints, bow ties and buttons.

Safe AND sassy? Win win!


Pink Polka Bow Harness by Choojai – Click to Buy


Time to grab some sushi in style!

Home to the most popular dog on Instagram, Japan is a leader in the style stake for fashionable pups.

With Harajuku style for days, Japanese brands such as Air Balloon are taking their street style to the pooches of the world with pops of colour, and dynamic, fresh designs seen no where else.


Kakigori Tank Top by Air Balloon – Click to Buy
Photo of Takeshita Street by Jetsetter


Casual chic has never looked better!

This is one trend that both you and your pup can get into. Think cozy, soft hoodies and tees for lazy weekends and cuddles on the couch.


Bullys Graphic Hoodie by B Design – Click to Buy
Tout Est Possible Sweatshirt by SS for eLuxe – Click to Buy


Time to get down with some Downton Abbey style this year!

There’s a reason why Season 5 is still #1 on iTunes and it’s not just Hottie McHotterson Matthew Goode joining the cast.

I’m talking fashion of course and nothing keeps your pup more protected from the elements than a tweed coat. the added bonus? You get to bring tweed into the 21st century with all kinds of colours!


Pixley Harris Tweed Coat by Love My Dog – Click to Buy


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Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

Photography: As Listed

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  1. Bec says:

    I want to get my two girls matching harnesses with bows! I didn’t know you could get bows on them…thanks for sharing.

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