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Review: Hey Pup Dog Bed Covers

Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

Photography: Serena Faber Nelson

Styling: Serena Faber-Nelson

Where does your dog sleep? For me there are so many answers to that question. Soda has an outside bed, and an inside bed; but what-do-you-know she prefers to sleep on our bed.

By day it’s her little fort where she can keep a watchful eye over the neighbourhood cats, by night it’s the place where she tests how far she can stretch her legs out (which, in fact, is far enough for me to end up most nights crawled into a small ball).

So when the fab, BRAND NEW range Hey Pup! sent Soda a sample of their new range of bed linen to try, it was a very happy day in the Faber Nelson household.


The Hey Pup! range of stylish dog bed sheets is a fabulous new concept. The idea behind it came from the research that 75% of dog owners rarely wash their dog’s bedding. This is in contrast to humans washing their sheets and pillowcases every 1-2 weeks (teenage boys excepted of course).

The design is simple. Just like your own fitted sheets, the Hey Pup! linens come with elasticised bands to fit over your dog’s current bed, giving them a clean 100% Cotton cover to sleep on. Then every week or so simply remove the sheet, pop in the washing machine, quick dry with your own sheets and replace. It’s that easy!

Your dog can dig in the dirt, slobber, and shed all over the bed with you having the peace of mind that all it takes is a quick washing cycle to have things clean, hygienic and looking as good as new again. As their slogan says “Don’t all dogs deserve a clean bed to sleep on every night?”


The Hey Pup! range currently comes in two adorable designs (with more to come), and are available in four sizes to fit all dog beds. And if you’re in the market for a dog bed, to compliment the dog linen, they offer a range of luxury foam beds to suit all pooches.

And for that final cherry on top – Hey Pup! pledges to donate 5% of all sales to animal welfare groups as chosen by the customer. Beautiful!


  • Original and useful concept
  • Protects your dog bed and your bed!
  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine Washable
  • Elasticised Band for easy application and removal
  • Great range of designs and sizes
  • Hygienic


  • Dogs of all sizes
  • Indoor and outdoor dogs
  • Dogs that slobber, chew and generally mess up their beds
  • Heavy shedding dogs
  • Dog lovers who like a clean house!


To see the full range and purchase your own doggie linen visit the Hey Pup! Website.

And as a special deal for Pretty Fluffy readers only, to celebrate their launch Hey Pup! is offering 10% OFF the complete range for the month of March! Just add the code FLUFFY10 to your shopping cart. Happy sleeping!


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Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

Photography: Serena Faber Nelson

Styling: Serena Faber-Nelson

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Comments (5)

5 responses to “Review: Hey Pup Dog Bed Covers”

  1. What a clever idea, its always so hard to wash those beds. That’s usually why I avoid them, but this is excellent! Cute and practical. {Might I add, Soda is looking especially dapper today!}

  2. That before and after shot. Classic! I have a good chuckle.

    Too right that it is so hard to find a bed to be able to wash, this is so perfect. Our dalmatian (Wilson) has a bed wetting problem, so we resorted to buying beds and lining them with puppy pads, eventually throwing them out every 2 weeks…

    Just not sure about his hair clogging up the washing machine. – Dalmatians lose hair by the millisecond!

    • Ha ha – yes I can happily report Soda is enjoying her new bed linen but still jumps up for the odd cuddle 🙂

      I agree – when I first saw the idea, my main thought was how practical and easy it made keeping dog bedding clean.

      Ha ha – and if Dalmatians lose hair by the millisecond, Border Collies must lose it by the nanosecond 😉

  3. […] Up for grabs are 3 Hey Pup! Cover Packs that include two of their famous bed covers in your dog’s selected bed size (Small, Medium or Large) – one in each of the two designs, ‘Lazy Bones’ and ‘Pup’s Favourite Things’. The covers are 100% cotton, 205 thread count with a thick durable elastic fitting and machine washable. For more details on how they work see my original post here. […]

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