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Review: Fetching Photos eBook by Charlotte Reeves

Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

Photography: Charlotte Reeves Photography

Photography is about catching moments. Taking snapshots of beauty that we display in our homes, keep as reminders on our desks and phones, or scrap book away to be admired by future generations. For me, pet photography is all the more important because it captures the fleeting joy and love that are the pets that grace our lives for such a short time. We may not have them forever, but photos mean they will never be forgotten.

But pet photography is not easy. For every one good photo of Soda, I have ten more featuring misshapen black and white blurs across the lens.

Imagine my delight when renown photographer Charlotte Reeves announced the release of her new eBook Fetching Photos. Filled to the brim with pet photography tips for the enthusiastic amateur to the professional pet photographer, it’s a must read for any keen shutterbug.


Fetching Photos calls itself ‘The Ultimate Guide to creative on-location natural light dog photography’- and boy does it deliver. With 10 plus chapters spread over 95 pages, each tip is broken down by category – from working with dogs and their owners, to technical and equipment guidance.

Digging into an arsenal of knowledge, Charlotte Reeves takes you on a step by step journey of a dog’s photography session – from planning to processing. Tips on scouting locations, working with light, and on-the-go technical advice comes in spades.


One of the smartest points of the eBook is the knowledge is transferable to a range of readers. For amateur photographers like myself, the technical advice is explained succinctly and clearly – not once did I feel overwhelmed with jargon.

For professional photographers or those looking to move into professional pet photography, Charlotte’s insights into pet photography, working with clients and running professional photo sessions are invaluable. Her years of experience and lessons learnt are within the book’s pages allowing you to be one step ahead.


Throughout the chapters of Fetching Photos, lessons are emphasised by Charlotte’s own personal stories and experiences. From mistakes made, to situations that have taught valuable lessons, or creative pursuits that have worked time and again, these real life stories show Charlotte’s tips in action.

Through these personal stories readers are able to apply written guidelines and techniques to real life situations – giving them the experience of a seasoned photographer without the years of work.

Want to learn to take photos like a pro?

Acclaimed photographer, Charlotte Reeves, shares all of her expert tips and tricks for pet photography in her complete online course ‘Real Shoots’.

Get a handle on your hobby. Turn your passion into profits. In RealShoots, you’ll learn all the tips, tricks and insider secrets of a real life professional photographer on a real outdoor shoot.

Go at your own pace. Watch the lessons anytime. Learn from one of the best in the biz, from the comfort of your own home. Binge on all the episodes or space them out. No deadlines. No pressure.

Learn how to:

  • Plan and run successful outdoor dog photography shoots.
  • Work smoothly with different dog personalities.
  • Know exactly how to work with any type of light nature throws at you.
  • Handle behavioural issues and varying levels of obedience with ease.
  • Artfully edit and professionally post-process any image.
  • Capture magical images that leave clients elated and ugly crying.



Coming with two bonus chapters, I couldn’t not mention one in particular – ‘Adoptable Dog Photography’. In this chapter Charlotte outlines her own personal story of volunteering her time and talents to photograph rescue dogs.

Through an in-depth chapter on working with shelters and foster carers, Charlotte highlights the importance of rescue dog photography. With technical tips, advice on the specific challenges of working with shelter animals and lessons on techniques to capture the best possible outcomes in these sessions, Charlotte’s teaching demonstrates to all would-be photographers how they can make a difference.


  • 95 page eBook filled to the brim with practical and technical tips specifically for dog photography.
  • Technical advice is specific and detailed, but easy to understand and ingest.
  • Advice on investing in camera gear and equipment.
  • Includes numerous troubleshooting tips – working with light, photographing black/white dogs, working with shy dogs etc.
  • Numerous chapters on working with clients, dogs, and planning the details of a professional photography session.
  • Dedicated chapter to photographing your own dog.
  • Bonus how-to chapter for photographing rescue and shelter pets.
  • Broken down into chapters and categories for quick and easy reference.
  • Gorgeous photography throughout the book, showing examples of photography techniques and outcomes.


  • Dog owners. Capture those memories!
  • Photography enthusiasts.
  • Photographers wanting to branch out into pet photography.
  • Photographers starting a pet photography business.
  • Professional pet photographers wanting to take their business to the next level.


The Fetching Photos eBook can be purchased through Charlotte Reeves Photography. CLICK TO BUY

For more information visit Charlotte Reeves Photography.

Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

Photography: Charlotte Reeves Photography

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  1. Kayla says:

    I need this eBook.. although I’m not sure Lucy would be a good subject.. lol


  2. Charlene says:

    Totally getting this ebook. Thanks!

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