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26 Bars & a Band Retractable Leashes

Photography by Tonya Pet Photography

What does your dog leash say about you? Is your pup wild at heart? Do you have a snuggler? Or a private investigator that enjoys digging through the trash?

Coming in 20 different designs, these retractable leashes from 26 Bars & a Band show there’s something for every dog!

My Heart Races Retractable Dog Leash by 26 Bars & a Band | Pretty Fluffy

The ‘My Heart Races’ design (above) is perfect for the true softies at heart that can’t wait the ‘W’ word to be uttered.

Each of the retractable nylon belt leashes feature a high impact plastic case (in your chosen design), an ergonomic comfort grip, and metal swivel hardware.

Safety + Durability + Style = Win. Win. Win.

Animal Retractable Dog Leash by 26 Bars & a Band | Pretty Fluffy

Sherlock Retractable Dog Leash by 26 Bars & a Band | Pretty Fluffy

With a cute leopard print case, ‘The Animal’ (top) is for pups looking for fun and frivolity, and the classic houndstooth of the ‘Sherlock’ (above) will appease any pup with a nose for adventure. While the ‘Keep Calm’ leash (below) is perfect for every dog walker!

Keep Calm Retractable Dog Leash by 26 Bars & a Band | Pretty Fluffy

And just for those one-of-a-kind pups that want to make a statement? The new Snapshot retractable leash is truly unique because of what you put inside—whether it’s the first picture you ever took of your dog or the funniest expression that you were lucky enough to capture. Let the Snapshot personalize who is near and dear to your heart just the way you want. Check out the Snapshot “love” story here to find out more.

With nearly two dozen designs to suit your pup and their new snap cases for those who can’t make up their mind, there really is a leash for every man and his dog.

CLICK TO BUY: 26 Bars & a Band Retractable Leashes or for more 26 Bars & a Band visit their website.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Tonya Pet Photography Tonya started her career by combining her two biggest passions: Roller skating and peanut butter eating. When that didn’t work out, she moved on to her next two favorite things: Animals and photography. While getting her photography degree, she took a job at the Humane Society and began to hone her craft. Since then, her clean, professional award-winning animal portraits have graced the hallowed pages of professional photography journals PDN and Shutterbug, and have been featured in national ads, greeting cards, and books. In 2010, she was commissioned to shoot the global packaging of pet food brand Castor & Pollux. Currently, Tonya does private portrait and charity work in Austin, TX, and continues to shoot commercially in New York. By the way she still loves roller skating and peanut butter eating…

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