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The Pet Loo

Ask Pretty Fluffy is a new post this year aimed at helping each and every one of you with doggie questions you may have. As well as providing Pretty Fluffy research, I also want to encourage all of you out there to help each other out regarding opinions on new products, advice for other fluffy owners or just any tips and tricks that you think will help your fellow readers. One of our loyal readers, Bakes, recently contacted Pretty Fluffy with the following canine query:

I wanted to ask you if you have any advice for me on the apartment pet loo ‘backyard in a box’?…I live in a 1 bedroom apartment with a great sized wrap around (high walls) balcony, and at the moment I have a piece of synthetic grass that I have trained Max to do his business on. The problem is, that underneath is porous concrete tiles which can get really hard to remove the odour from. It usually takes me a day or 2 of soaking, washing, spraying etc, and I do this once a week! The synethic grass is 1m x 2m and my question is, will Max adapt to the size of the pet loo which is only 85cm x85cm? It’s going to cost me more than $300 to buy one and want to make sure it’s worth the outlay….

Do a google search on The Pet Loo and you’ll have enraptured supporters, adament detractors and everything in between. Some people see it as a gimmick or ‘dressed up astro turf’ and others see it as a brilliant invention for dog loving apartment dwellers. In fact, The Pet Loo was invented by apartment bound, dog lovers who needed a better solution for their own pooch, and they got their start on the Australian TV Show, The New Inventors.

I have to say that I, for one, can see why it won Australian Pet Product of the Year. I think that it could be a lifesaver for those with smaller sized dogs who are looking at living in an apartment for the foreseeable future. As devoted as you may be to your pet, there may not always be the time to get your puppy down to the local park for them to, uh, relieve themselves. And as Bakes’ comment states, having a piece of turf or a litter tray can be messy and time consuming.

For me The Pet Loo fills the following needs – it’s small enough for a balcony, imitates real grass (making it easier to potty train your dog to use it) and is much more hygienic. All the cleaning required is pouring warm water over the ‘turf’ daily (and the occasional wash). While there is a gulp factor at the price tag (I could buy these pretties for that amount!!) in my opinion I think for apartment dwellers with small dogs it would be worth it. A dog can live anywhere up to 15 years or more – split over a lifetime that works out as less than $30 per year. Less than $5 if you count in dog years. (I use this math when working out how to buy dresses per wear too!) In my mind that makes it a solid investment.

And Bakes, if you’re worried about your little Max learning to use it take a look at some of the handy videos out there on The Pet Loo – they all feature small to medium dogs using it with ease. All it would take is some reward based training.

Now that you’ve heard my thoughts it’s over to you Pretty Fluffies!
Have you had any experience with the Pet Loo?
Do you think it’s a worthwhile investment or a fluffy fad?

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Comments (4)

4 responses to “The Pet Loo”

  1. Sam & Lola says:

    OMG the Pet Loo is great!!!!!!!!! My furbabies love it.

  2. Anon says:

    I’m happy me and my dog have a yard so I can buy those shoes instead 🙂
    But I think if I lived in a flat I would get one.

  3. I Heart Fluffy says:

    This is super cool. Now if only more units in Australia allowed pets to live in them! Thankfully our Fluffy has free roam of a backyard to do her business…

  4. Serena Faber Nelson says:

    Thanks for the feedback guys! I think we’ve found an answer for Bakes.
    (and Anon I think you should get the shoes too!)

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