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Bocce’s Bakery Dog Treats

I have to admit, I’d never thought in my wildest dreams I would be envious of a dog’s food. But upon seeing the range of fresh, delectable treats from Bocce’s Bakery my world has been turned upside down. With their mouth watering range of organic biscuits, I don’t know what’s more to love – just how yummy their flavours sound, or the fact that they use only the freshest, most wholesome ingredients.

With the range including Chicken Cordon Bleu, Fish & Chips, The Elvis (Banana & Peanut Butter), and Grandma’s Apple Pie, there is something to treat every dog’s taste buds. And the ingredients! Oh my lord, the ingredients are to die for…

First of all they use cage free eggs (hooray!) and human grade, antibiotic free meats – meaning their food is happily farm fresh. All their treats are 100% wheat free, made with 100% real, organic ingredients – no preservatives, added sugar, salt or chemicals whatsoever. Think of it – yummy shredded organic mozzarella, freshly picked apples, sizzling turkey bacon…what a menu. They’re just perfect for dogs with allergies, or treat loving dogs looking for a healthy alternative. In fact that’s how Bocce’s Bakery got started!

From Andrea (the creator):

A couple of years ago, at a doctor’s checkup, Bocce was told that he was carrying a few extra pounds. Oh my! So I started looking into what he was eating. I was shocked with the amount of preservatives, chemicals, and ingredients that I had never heard of in his food…and treats. We decided to make a change. I combined my love of cooking using organic, seasonal ingredients, with Bocce’s love of biscuits. And Bocce’s Bakery was born!…Oh, and Bocce is now at his ideal weight, but we have yet to find a cure for his frizzy hair!

And did I mention they do ice cream? Yup. You’re now feeling my food envy right? Well make sure you check out the full range and stockists over at the Bocce’s Bakery Shop. Happy Snacking!

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12 responses to “Bocce’s Bakery Dog Treats”

  1. These made even me hungry! I just might have to get some for Ammo!

  2. We buy our dogs duck jerky- its just straight up dried duck meat, and every time I open the bag I want a piece for myself.

  3. blanket says:

    I love Bocces Bakery and the names and ingredients are brilliant!

  4. Wow, for dog food this looks pretty good! I might have to get some for Charlie, I bet he would love it 🙂 x

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  8. Jade says:

    How do these amazing treats last for one year without the preservatives? 🙂

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