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DOGA: Doggie Yoga

Have you ever taken your dog to ‘Doga’ – Doggie Yoga? Me neither. But thinking about it you realise dogs are natural Yogis. How else do you explain having a whole pose ‘Downward Dog’ named after them?

But in all seriousness, many vets agree that Doga is great for you and your dog. It reduces stress, improves flexibility, and encourages quality bonding time for you and your fluffy. Got a high energy or anxious dog? Give Doga a try. Most dogs stretch instinctively so encouraging them to stretch with you is just another natural way to get them to relax. If it sounds like something right up your alley click here or here for more information. Just remember to be gentle, our pooches aren’t as flexible as us!

If it’s not your thing, at least enjoy these cuddly images from the 2011 Yoga Dogs Calendar. They even have a puppy version too! Namaste Pretty Fluffies.

Would your dog enjoy Doga?

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