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Doggylato – Gelato for Dogs!

One of my favourite things about creating Pretty Fluffy is all of the amazing, new things I get to hear about. Things that I would never have thought about in my wildest fluffy-puppy-filled dreams. Doggylato is one of those things.

It all started when I saw free samples of gelato being handed out. “I like gelato,” I thought. “Even better,” my brain shouted back, “You like free things too!” I know – my Mensa membership must be in the mail.

Anyway my initial creamy chocolate induced glee quickly turned to sorrow when I found out the free samples weren’t for me but actually for my four legged companions. But just like that it snapped back to GLEE (how good is season 2 by the way?) when I realised the brilliant discovery I had just made. Doggy Gelato. Or as the cool kids call it, Doggylato.

{One scoop or two?}

Doggylato is the brainchild of devoted dog and gelato lovers. And even better than the idea itself is the warm and fuzzy story they tell of its creation. From the Doggylato website (which by the way is one of the cutest sites I’ve seen online this year!):

The inspiration came from our four-legged family members Conan, Pedro, Rosie and Chachi. And as we recall, it went a little like this……
Us sounding concerned: “You know all those times we give Conan a lick of our gelato, you know it’s not good for him?”
Us sounding defeated: “I know…but he loves it, plus who can resist those puppy eyes?”
Us sounding excited: “Hhhmmmm….well, why don’t we create a gelato that he can eat?”
Us sounding very excited: “Genius!”
Conan sounding more excited: “Woof!”

True story. And the best bit is the ending where we now can all get our favourite fluffies some Doggylato action. Now available at pet stores, Doggylato comes in two scrummy flavours – Choco Loco and Peanut Nutter – both made of super safe doggie ingredients. And for those weight conscious customers? It’s low-fat and lactose free.

For the final piece de resistance – all stores stocking Doggylato will be giving away free samples until the end of January. To check out stockists in your area click here.

So jump on your Vespa, pop Roman Holiday in the DVD player and pick your pooch up some Doggylato this weekend. Ciao!

Do you love the idea of Doggylato?
Do you want some gelato? Like RIGHT NOW? Me too.

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3 responses to “Doggylato – Gelato for Dogs!”

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  2. I Heart Fluffy says:

    How good is this! So going to get some free samples for my little four legged friend and have a doggylato inspired picnic come Australia Day.

  3. […] to bite sized processed treats. Stick one or two on top of your favourite doggie yoghurt or gelato and you’ve got yourself a doggie ice cream […]

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