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Anthropologie Favourites

With the gorgeous new bridal line BHLDN (Beholden), Anthropologie has completely stolen my heart of late. This dress in particular has been doing the rounds on the web and has many a girl (including myself) wishing for another wedding just so they can shimmy into the luxurious design…. But all daydreaming aside, I have to say I’ve since become completely smitten with these delightful doggie goodies from their original concept store.

1. Barking Mad Wallpaper. To the untrained eye, its a vintage pattern. But true dog lovers at heart will be able to make out the sweet Scottie’s throughout the print.
2. Bernese Mountain Dog Dish Towel. If you’re going to be doing the dishes why not make it fun with this cutie pie design.
3. Pup’s Pinafore. One for the small dogs, this beautiful lace and tulle sweaterdress is a perfect way to keep your dog snuggly. (And shhh…it’s currently on sale!)

What are your favourites from Anthropologie?

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