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Snub Luxury Dog Beds + Pillows

Snub. Snubbity snub snub. No I’m not going crazy (or make that becoming crazier…) I’m just completely smitten with a super cool new range called – wait for it – SNUB. To me the name Snub is a little bit hip, but a little bit cuddly as well. Which funnily enough is exactly what their luxe range of dog beds and pillows are – hip AND cuddly.

My fav thing about this delightful range of small dog beds is that you buy the frame and then you can mix and match your cushion inserts. They come in four colours with hilarious names such as Ice Ice Baby (cool shout out to Robert Matthew Van Winkle) and Military Brat. Just like you update your bed linen, Snub allows you to revamp your pet’s bed every season with a new pillow design. Tres chic. I can’t wait for their next collection!

Now if all this hasn’t been enough for you to click over and check them out, Snub also contributes 5% of all proceeds to the The Humane Society. Dog products made by dog lovers? Got to love that. And while you’re there don’t forget to check out the impossibly cute video of behind the scenes of their doggie photo shoot. Adorable French Bulldog alert!

What Snub cushion would your dog love?


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