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LuxeMutt Dog Collars + Accessories

Looking for the perfect present for your pooch? Have a special event that they need to look their best, but not big on doggie tuxedoes? As the owner of a large dog who would prefer to chew her own legs off rather than wear a natty Christmas sweater*, dog fashion has always felt a little out of reach. But with the discovery of Luxemutt, I think I’ve finally found a dapper accessory range that really is perfect for every dog – or should I say, every Luxe Mutt!

* I’ve never actually tested this, don’t worry.

Now as much as you may want, please don’t make this a post where you look at the pretty pictures and forget to read the story. I know they ARE adorable photos, but FOCUS and stay with me, because this little gem of a brand is even sweeter behind the scenes.

When I first saw the Luxemutt brand to start with I was dazzled by the rainbow selection of colors available for this stylish, handcrafted range of bowtie collars, leashes and harnesses; then I was amazed to hear that Luxemutt designer, Sharon Zuckerman, was non other than a former exclusive Barbie Doll designer (the 6 year old me is still screaming with delight)… But what made me fall completely and utterly head over heels for Luxemutt? It’s the story behind their award winning* cover models.

* Well they deserve to win awards – for example something like ‘Fluffiest Dog 2012’ would be perfect.

From Luxemutt:
The adorable dog wearing the Renegade Red Martini Bowtie Collar is our chocolate MUFFIN. She’s a 20 lb rescue mutt, as despite turning 9 years old over the weekend, at first glance most people think she’s still a puppy. She’s extremely attentive, smart, sensitive, and very athletic–despite being found as a puppy near downtown Los Angeles with 2 broken hips and soon after having very successful surgery. I just love playing ball with her and watching her precise 5 foot jumps as she catches her tennis ball–and I could never ask for a better running partner even though she could easily run 3x faster than I do. Although she takes a while to warm up to people once she does, she’s fiercely loyal and very sweet. Going on behavior and appearance she’s probably a mix of Spaniel, Border Collie, Chocolate Lab, Papillon (Papillon ears), Dachshund, and possibly a bit of long haired Chihuahua.

Reiley the Pug is Sharon’s boy and our other little girl is Sophie – she’s wearing the harness. Also a rescue from the same organization as Muffin (Rover Rescue). Sophie is about 5 and was dropped off at a shelter when she was a puppy. She just wants to love, and really is just the sweetest thing. Muffin allows her to participate in our morning backyard ball playing.

Rescues as luxury cover models? You got that right. There is just nothing greater than a beautiful brand with a beautiful story behind them. It just warms my heart to think that these pups, once abandoned and unloved; are now the faces of a range synonymous with heart, luxury and sweetness. And seriously! Could these doggie bowtie collars be any cuter? With a brand spanking new website launching in the coming weeks, you can make your pooch a Luxemutt by purchasing through their Etsy Store – check out the full range here.

Here’s to all the well loved, dapper pooches worldwide!

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Comments (24)

24 responses to “LuxeMutt Dog Collars + Accessories”

  1. blanket says:

    Hmmm great minds think alike 🙂

  2. Amber says:

    Oh they are just adorable. Shame they are all made of leather though 🙁

    • They are beautiful aren’t they Amber! As a vegetarian (just me – not Soda!), I have an internal struggle with the use of leather…on one hand it is an animal product, but on the other it does embody the ethic of not wasting any part of an animal. You never know, maybe one day we might see some amazing fabric designs from the wonderful Luxe Mutt! 🙂

      • Serena! Wonderful feature! We’re thrilled!
        I actually still have to finish reading it but I did want to address the leather issue…Sharon is actually a strict Vegan and I’m about 90% vegan. So we absolutely understand the concerns about leather and we’re working on other fabric options.

        • Thanks so much for the feedback Adam! That’s great news that you are working on fabric options – they’ll be just a beautiful as the rest of the gorgeous range I’m sure 🙂

          • Amber says:

            It’s fantastic news that Luxemutt are working on fabric options – you will definitely have a dedicated customer in me when they are available 🙂 I just love having gorgeous accessories on my dogs.
            Serena, I understand using every part of the animal (if it must die) but some cattle are bred specifically for the leather trade so I boycott buying any leather product. Looking forward to seeing those fabric options!

  3. haley says:

    nawww they are so cute and would be a great idea for a wedding accesory. i have to agree with your comment about the fact that when using an animal the whole animal should be used and not wasted.
    whether or not you are vegetarian or vegan it should not matter waste is waste.

    • They would be PERFECT for a wedding accessory!!

    • Amber says:

      Hi Haley, as a vegan, I would not condone the killing of an animal even if all of it was ‘used’ as there are alternatives available. I understand what you are getting at but it would definitely matter to a vegan. I live by the quote “If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others… why wouldn’t we?” Anyway, I’m not trying to hijack this wonderful thread and I look forward to seeing Luxemutt’s fabric range 🙂

      • Hi Amber, not hijacking at all – your comments have been lovely and enlightening! I am super chuffed to hear that LuxeMutt is looking at fabric options as well. I love your quote too – “If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others… why wouldn’t we?” I think a lot of animal lovers would agree. I honestly look up to people who live totally Vegan lifestyles. I’m not there yet, but its something I aspire to xx

  4. kelly says:

    oh my gosh, what is this place?! all dogs, all the time? oh, the time i’ve wasted in finding you!

  5. Andrea says:

    Love these little bow ties! They are super adorable and perfect for a furry bridesmaid.

  6. Kerrie says:

    awwwwww!!!!!! they look great quality and cuteness plus!

  7. tonya says:

    these are really cute! Going to have to pick some up for some shoots!

  8. Taylor says:

    Addison needs some luxemutt products ASAP! They are fabulous!

  9. This is just perfect for Mamma Biscuit! I’ve been wanting to create a much more androgynous look for her all Tilda Swinton!

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Pick of the Week

  • Canvas Dog Carrier by Cloud7

    Canvas Dog Carrier by Cloud7

    Traveling with your best friend never looked so good. Soft, chic & sustainably made, there’s room for your pooch and all their on-the-go essentials.