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Mochi & Jolie Dog Watches

Mochi & Jolie Dog Watches | Pretty Fluffy

I don’t wear watches usually. Call me Gen Y (although I’m not sure, is being born in 1980 make you Gen Y?), a terrible time teller (I had one of those ‘learner’ watches til I was about 10)…Whatever it is, I’ve become one of those people who relies on phones, microwaves, and clock towers from Back to the Future to tell me what time of day it is.

Until now.

Enter the Mochi & Jolie watches.

Mochi & Jolie Dog Watches | Pretty Fluffy

Mochi & Jolie Dog Watches | Pretty Fluffy

Yes, these are totally modern, clean dog themed watches. There’s a beagle one. A Dachshund one. A Pug one. Oh, there are over 10 different doggie breeds on these timekeepers. With clear faces and clear bands, they are chic, and practical. The only thing that’s left to decide is which breed to get?

CLICK TO BUY Mochi & Jolie Watch or for more information visit Mochi & Jolie

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6 responses to “Mochi & Jolie Dog Watches”

  1. Alex Frith says:

    Hopped straight online to check them out. They’re great. Gutted that they don’t have a Boston Terrier but suppose if I fatten up Basil it could look like him. Great find!

  2. those are so cute and very tempting!

  3. Maggie says:

    Thank you for featuring our MoMo Dog watches, Pretty Fluffy! They are very special to us, and hopefully many more people will fall in love with them the same way we are. ^_^

  4. Steven says:

    Very clean and nice looking watches!

  5. Kayla says:

    Um.. absolutely adorable! What would I do without your site to inform me of all these cute products?! Love you!


  6. Angelina says:

    What a fantastic find!!

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