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Puppylocks Feather Fur Extensions

Looking for a dog accessory that’s stylish, beautiful and fun? I’ve got one word for you Pretty Fluffies. Puppylocks. Now you may have heard of Puppylocks, or seen some of their adorable models popping up on Pinterest, but I’m here to share with you today some new additions to their range that allow every dog to be a Puppylocks pooch!

Puppylocks feather fur extensions are the second product launched by hair stylist extraordinaires, Condition Culture. Not long after Donya & Alex Litowitz, twin sisters from Miami, launched Featherlocks, the world’s leading brand of feather hair extensions, Donya attached some feathers to her beloved dog Stella’s beautiful coat. Stella quickly became the rockstar of Lincoln Road on Miami Beach; people everywhere stopped and asked, “Where did she get her feathers?!” And Puppylocks was born. So now you know what Puppylocks are – here’s how your dog can join the trend:

1. FULL PUPPYLOCKS EXTENSIONS. Using the same unobtrusive attachment method as Featherlocks (attaching the feathers to the fur using a microbead), Puppylocks are simple to apply, can last months, and are easily removed and reused. Handmade and chemical free, they can be washed and dried with your dog’s coat without losing their integrity or luster.
SUITABLE FOR: Dogs with long, fluffy coats that are groomed daily.

2. PUPPYCLIPS. Puppylocks’ clips can be easily taken in and out of your pet’s hair for the same effect as Puppylocks but without the application commitment. Just like a sneaky Saturday night hair extension, the Puppyclips can add a bit of colour to your pooch with no long term hassle.
SUITABLE FOR: Dogs with medium to long coats wanting a no commitment accessory.

3. COLLAR CHARMS. The latest in the Puppylocks collection, these new Collar Charms were created by Puppylocks especially for the short haired dogs amongst us! These beautiful charms are a great way to accessorise any dog and are at the perfect length as to not irritate your furry friend – they won’t even know it’s there.
SUITABLE FOR: All dogs looking for a fun fashion statement!

So there you have it! Puppylocks for everyone! I’m thinking of rocking some of my own Featherlocks with some matching Puppylocks for Soda – what do you think?

All product lines are available at the Puppylocks Website or at your local groomer or retailer which can be found at Condition Culture’s groomer locator.

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11 responses to “Puppylocks Feather Fur Extensions”

  1. OMG, I absolutely adore these puppy locks LOL It’s like turning your dog into a Brooklyn Hipster! Mamma Biscuit needs one of these ASAP although she is a short haired beast so I’ll have to think of a clever place to attach it to her!
    Mamma Biscuit

    • Mamma would totally rock some Puppylocks! Can’t wait to see pics of her with her hipster feathers 🙂

      • I know, my friend Christina opened up two great clothing stores out on Long Island here in New York called Milk & Honey: and she was one of the first girls I have ever seen (maybe two, even three years ago) to wear feathers like these in her hair. She and her friends would actually get some of the finer, longer and thinner feathers weaved into their own real hair! It’s amazing how this style just took off but I have to say, I have never seen them for dogs LOL Mamma will have to get one of these soon!!

  2. Cristi says:

    These are so cute!! The salon I went to last summer to get my feather extensions had an Aussie that worked there and he had feathers in his long hair by his ears. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen!

  3. Rachel says:

    I would have never thought of the feathers for dogs! Super cute and clever!

  4. Samantha says:

    I just can’t resist these even if it means saving the $90 for postage, hopefully they catch on quickly over here. Also i can see it now my kitten Storm chasing Ivy around the house to remove the mystery bird from her fur haha

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