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Personalised Pet Sculptures by Teangi

Looking for a statement piece to capture your favourite four-legged friend but paper and canvas won’t cut it? Take a look at these personalised metal Pet Sculptures by Teangi Chambers.

All of Teangi’s sculptures are individually handmade without patterns & without templates. They are personally crafted, and each artwork is unique – matching the features, personality and markings of your very own pooch! What a great way to capture your best friend, or to keep their memory alive.

For more information and to order visit the Sculpture by Teangi Website.

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4 responses to “Personalised Pet Sculptures by Teangi”

  1. I truly love the thought of having my dog forever and ever. Now, this is something to think about.

    Thanks for the great source.


  2. These are pretty perfect. My Mom has an issue with garden nomes (it’s terrible), maybe these could be a replacement. 🙂

  3. Thanks Pretty Fluffy! I love dogs and I love sculpture so I am very lucky to do what I do… Even better when I get to share my work. So thank you!

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