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Pooch Posse Cardigan by Anthropologie

Pooch Posse Cardigan - Anthropologie | Pretty Fluffy

Wear your heart on your sleeve? Then why not wear your dog with this gorgeous Pooch Posse Cardigan by Anthropologie.

Anthropologie Pooch Posse Cardigan | Pretty Fluffy

Think you’ve seen it before? Fans of Glee would recognise it worn by beautiful Heather Morris who plays Brittany (thanks for the tip Fashion of Glee!)

Anthropologie Pooch Posse Cardigan seen on Glee | Pretty Fluffy

CLICK TO BUY: Anthropologie Pooch Posse Cardigan or for more from Anthropologie visit their website.

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3 responses to “Pooch Posse Cardigan by Anthropologie”

  1. Kayla says:

    Umm hello?! ADORABLE!! I NEED that, right? ; )


  2. Alex Frith says:

    A must have for any style savvy, dog loving gal. Good spot!

  3. […] copper, jewel-studded purse. It is just divine. 4. My Anthropologie “Pooch Posse” cardigan (introduced to me through Pretty Fluffy!). It was love at first sight. 5. Rufus’ gorgeous leather, personalized dog collar (photo […]

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