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Puppy Hamper by Puppy Tales

Know anyone who has a new puppy? We’ve found you the PERFECT gift: The Puppy Hamper. Put together by the brilliant Lisa from Puppy Tales, these delightful hampers feature everything a new puppy could ever want; and to top it all off each collection comes in a luxe, velour lined suitcase that is perfect for storing all the little keepsakes that come along as your new fluffy grows up.

{Puppy Tales Puppy Hamper}

Each hamper comes gift wrapped and features:
** FuzzYard collar and lead (your choice of Cotton Candy – Soda’s favourite – or Space Raiders)
** Bottle Buddy (read our review of this little gem here!)
** Good Cuz squeaky chew toy
** 20 biodegradable poo bags in a pouch
** Tennis Chews tennis ball
** Crocheted chew toy
** ZiwiPeak natural treats
** Prestige Pet brush

{From Above: Edwina from Puppy Tales models her hamper; Each hamper’s contents packs away neatly in the stylish suitcase}

And just to make it completely and utterly irresistible the hamper features the yummy Puppy Tales logo on the back! To make a puppy’s dreams come true you can order your Puppy Hamper online at the Puppy Tales Shop.

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6 responses to “Puppy Hamper by Puppy Tales”

  1. Taylor B says:

    How perfect! Great to use as a suitcase for a pup who travels. Going to check on US prices now

  2. Jennie says:

    I don’t know what my pooch and I did before without your blog! Everything is so darn cute!

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