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Bob-A-Lot Dog Toy

Remember those inflatable clowns that you could punch and punch and they’d always spring back for more??? Well the Bob-A-Lot is the fluffy alternative.

Made of hard wearing and hard chewing plastic, the Bob-A-Lot holds up to three cups of kibble or treats. It can be filled with treats or food in a top or bottom chamber, and then it’s up to the brain and paw-eye coordination of your dog to extract the goodies inside. And before you go thinking ‘My goodness Serena, are you crazy?! My pup would have to be a doggie Einstein to work this out!!!’ rest assured Soda has road tested this one for us and ended up with a very full belly.


The two main reasons I’ve become a Bob-A-Lot fan are:
A) It’s perfect for days when you have to leave your fluffy outside and you want them to be entertained. I have left Soda with this little gem of a morning and she hasn’t even given me a second glance when I’ve left the house. Sniff.
B) I’ve been told it’s a little miracle worker for food gulpers. Does your dog get sick from inhaling their food too quickly? By putting their dry kibble in the Bob-A-Lot you elimate the option of them wolfing down their meal in two seconds.

One final tip – if you’ve got a larger size dog I’d suggest limiting the use of the Bob-A-Lot to outside or designated playroom areas. Having Soda crash around my living room like a crack addict trying to get the treats inside during the Sunday night movie was not the smartest idea I’ve ever had…

The Bob-A-Lot is available through most good pet stores and retails for $30.00.

Have you tried the Bob-A-Lot?
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Are you still trying to work out what those inflatable clowns look like? Click here

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