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Heart & Bowl Dog Dinners

The world of dogs is a super fun one, but it also can be pretty…well… confusing! From the get go you have so many things to consider…which dog breed, what to name your puppy….why does my new dog keep chewing my brand new heels over any of her new toys? But I digress.

One of the biggest questions every dog owner asks themselves is what should I feed my dog? Now I’m not about to give you a definitive answer, as every dog is different and there are millions of fabulous products out there. Plus in coming posts we’ll have Q&A’s with veterinary experts about everything your dog needs nutritionally. But…what I can do is share with you an amazing find I have made in recent times. It’s called Heart & Bowl. I HEART Heart & Bowl.


Developed with veterinary experts, Heart & Bowl is human grade food packaged up to feed your favourite fluffy. Flavours included Stir-Fry chicken with Vegetables and Rice, Steak & Kidney Casserole with Vegetables and Pasta and Lamb Hot Pot & Vegetables with Pearl Barley.  Seriously. It looks and smells like real food, because it is.

I don’t know about you but I always was left wondering what was actually in some of the dog food I was buying. But as for me cooking up my dog’s food myself? Ummmm…A) oh so time consuming and B) I had NO IDEA what to actually cook to ensure my dog’s health was not compromised. Enter Heart & Bowl.

My gorgeous Border Collie ADORES Heart and Bowl. In all fairness, she also adores stuff that she digs up in the garden. But it doesn’t come in super cute daily serve containers, nor can it be served alone or with dry food (for that extra crunch) and doesn’t include all the daily vitamins and minerals she needs. With Heart & Bowl I love warming her meal up daily and seeing her drool in anticipation. Until I have to, you know, clean up the drool…

Heart & Bowl is available at the following stockists and retails for $5.95 per bowl.

What do you love feeding your dog?
Have you ever tried to make your own dog food?

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