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Hot Dogs Hottie

When I was in LA last year I took a trip to Robertson Boulevard for a spoaromat of shopping (with a side order of celebrity stalking). Now while I didn’t catch any celebs that day I did stumble across a gorgeous little canine find in the modern day apothecary, Kitson Boutique.

It’s called a Hot Dogs Hottie and basically its a cuddly puppy shaped toy that performs double duty as a heat pad. Cute, yes? ‘Well if its SO great then why have you waited months to share it with us?’ I hear you cry! Well to be honest I purchased said cute puppy mainly on its cuddly-slash-adorable factor and when I arrived home although my new little friend still looked good, he just didn’t seem that practical as a heat pack being so… ummm… dog-shaped and all. GREAT for snuggles, just not perfect for tummy aches or lower back pain.

But everything changed just yesterday when I actually took my little buddy out of his packaging only to reveal that his little paws open up to become a lavender scented luxe pillow perfect for hot bottle healing! He really does pull double duty – snuggle puppy by day, and flat pain reliever at night.

And just to put icing on the cake, my favourite part is he comes in four lovable breeds: Westie, Spaniel, Labrador and Schnauzer. Plus for the animal lovers out there, you just microwave a removeable pouch to heat your hottie – no putting pooch in the oven. Functional AND Adorable – you’ve gotta love these guys.

Hot Dog Hotties are available online through Aroma Home and retail for $25.00

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