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Pet Mansions

You know that song “I wanna be a Billionaire”? Well if I was a billionaire I’d buy myself one of these babies… Yep that’s right, these are doggy mansions – each one unique in design and handcrafted for your favourite fluffy.

The jewel in the crown of the brand spanking new label, Best Friend’s Home, the Dog Mansion was borne from creators Doria Keppler and Andre Heinermann’s need to find a doghouse that would fit in with their well designed homes and gardens. “Humans, with a sense for design and aesthetics, normally transfer this to everything that surrounds them.” And thus the idea for the perfect doghouse was born.

Ranging from a fairytale castle to an Southern Alabama mansion, there is a design fit for every pooch – each model featuring all the trimmings such as monogrammed initialing. And for the really picky owner? They also do – wait for it – Custom Made homes. That’s right, you can have your dog’s house designed to any blueprint you want. You can even have it designed to look like your own home sweet home.
Yep. I KNOW.

Brings a whole new meaning to the term “in the doghouse” doesn’t it?

Dog Mansions are available online from Best Friend’s Home and they deliver worldwide.

Would your dog love a Dog Mansion?
Which Dog Mansion design would your dog love?
Which Pet Mansion dog do you think is the cutest? I’m voting Fluffy#2!

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2 responses to “Pet Mansions”

  1. IHeartFluffy says:

    Awesome! Am going to their website now to find out how much one of these palaces cost to ship to Australia. How on earth do you find these things?

  2. Serena Faber Nelson says:

    They’re just gorgeous aren’t they? I’ll have to save my pennies up for a while before Soda gets one 🙂

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