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A few months ago, while I was visiting some of my favourite blogs, I came across a lovely little competition on Indie Pretty Projects featuring the amazing paper goods of a boutique designer named none other than Soda Pop Prints! Needless to say I was instantly smitten as I discovered all of the sweet goodies on their website – from gift cards and wrap, to personal stationary, recipe cards and more. Everything was so darn cute!

Feeling the name alone was a good luck omen, I got Soda to cross her paws and I entered the competition…And little do you know I was lucky enough to win! But the real surprise came days later when my prize arrived in my mailbox. Not only did I receive the beautiful holiday cards handcrafted by Soda Pop Prints’ Cheyenne, but she had also worked on creating my own set of ‘Soda’ Soda Pop Prints personalised cards just for me. I’ll tell you my heart nearly exploded with the sweetness of such an unexpected gesture! And as for the cards, could they be any cuter? They certainly have Soda’s stamp of approval!

To see more of Cheyenne’s lovely work you can visit the full Soda Pop Prints website, and to buy visit the Soda Pop Prints Etsy Shop.

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  1. Oh my goodness, these are absolutely adorable! The personalised Soda cards made me heart ache. Makes me wish I had a pet! xx

  2. blanket says:

    Oohhh these are so gorgeous! Especially love the Soda ones – how wonderful!

  3. […] people who are there to support each another, share, learn and grow together. People who send you personalised cards of your dog just because. People that will be there to cheer on your greatest successes, pick you up from your […]

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