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Waggo Color Dipped Dog Bowls

Is it just me or can you not click on Pinterest without seeing something totally amazing inspired by the hot latest trends? Ombre, chevron, gold leaf details…there’s always something new to take your fancy. So when a fantastic trend jumps head first into the dog world, I’m one happy chappy. Hello Color Dipped Dog Bowls!

These cute Dipper Bowls from Waggo are heavy ceramic stoneware dishes with beautiful dip-glazed bottoms. Dishwasher safe, they come in a range of three colours and sizes – sure to add a pop of colour to any fluffy home!

For more information and to buy visit Waggo.

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2 responses to “Waggo Color Dipped Dog Bowls”

  1. Abbie says:

    Those are cute – I love the simplicity and the colors!

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