Accidents Happen

Many, many years ago when Soda was much younger, and admittedly I was a much younger, Soda was involved in a scary accident. It was a Sunday evening, and I had just moved into a new house the day before. In between unpacking boxes, and moaning about how tired I was, Soda and I played a game of indoor fetch with her favourite toy. Watching her scutter about her new home, I felt a sense of relief that our long weekend of moving was over and it was time to settle in.

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That relief was soon shattered by the image of Soda hurling herself through a plate glass window in our living room. Immediately stunned, she backed out of the door leaving a gaping hole of broken glass. Like the smashed door, I immediately went to pieces. Checking her over I found a bloody gash on her upper chest and knew I had to get help. FAST. I immediately dialled my new local vet, but as it was a Sunday evening their phones were unattended. It sprung to mind that I had never enquired as to the hours of service of our local veterinary hospital. I had assumed they would just always be there. The message bank said to divert my call to an alternative vet over 40 minutes away. I didn’t know what to do. My dog was bleeding and I had exhausted my known options of help.

Luckily, a friend offered to drive me to another local vet who was 5 minutes away. Who knew if they were to be open on a Sunday night? I remember in the car holding a towel on Soda’s wound praying simultaneously for her to be ok and for us to find a vet in time. Arriving at the vet my heart sunk to see the ‘Closed’ sign swinging on the door frame.

But help came soon enough. My fabulous friend pounded on their door until a lone man answered. He heard our frantic story and took Soda in straight away.  (And lucky for her he turned out to be a vet, not a janitor.) Half an hour later we were relieved to discover Soda’s wounds were superficial, she suffered no other related wounds…and we had found her a new vet.

To this day Soda still visits the vet that helped her that evening. But more importantly I not only have their 24 hour emergency number, I also have a back up number for an alternative local veterinary hospital should we ever be faced with another catastrophe. If you are a dog owner, let my story be a cautionary tale…make sure your dogs emergency contacts are up to date and readily available. And of course you can do this in style. One great option is this delightful birthdays, contacts and address book by Kikki K.

And no, indoor fetch is no longer allowed our household.  Silly game.

Have you ever faced a pet emergency?
What advice do you have for other dog owners finding themselves in this situation?

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Oh no! So glad Soda was okay. Fortunately, we haven’t had any mishaps but I always keep a pet first aid kit in my car and at home and emergency numbers saved in my phone. You can never be too careful!

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