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Did you know you can find healthy dog treats right inside your own fridge and pantry? In Part 2 of the Pretty Fluffy Healthy Eating in ’11 Guide we’re looking at Fresh & Healthy Pet Snacks that you can find in the fresh food sections of your supermarket. Just like our diets, fresher is better when it comes to your dog’s eating plan so why not try and include some of these treats in your fluffy’s weekly menu?

1. Peanut Butter. Just like us you don’t want to go too overboard with the Peanut Butter as it is high in calories, however on the plus side it’s a great source of protein for dogs and can be easily smeared inside Kongs and other treat balls keeping them busy for hours. Healthy + Fun = Happy Dog.

2. Popcorn. Looking for someone to snuggle up with on movie night? Why not ask your dog. Air popped popcorn (without the butter and salt) is a great alternative to calorie laden supermarket treats. Just make sure you supervise fido to prevent any choking hazards and keep the servings in moderation (AKA a handful, not a mega sized cinema bucket).

3. Carrot Sticks. These yummy little treats won’t help your dog see in the dark, but they will keep their stomachs fuller until mealtime. Another trick with carrots is to use carrot shavings to ‘bulk up’ main meals if you’re trying to help your dog lose weight.

4. Blueberries. A great source of antioxidants, blueberries are a scrumptious addition to your dog’s diet, and a great alternative to bite sized processed treats. Stick one or two on top of your favourite doggie yoghurt or gelato and you’ve got yourself a doggie ice cream sundae!

5. Chopped Parsley. This sweet smelling garnish is the perfect addition to any human meal, so why not add it to your dog’s dinner? Your dog will love the added flavour and you’ll adore its breath freshening capabilities. Just a couple of small spoonfuls is more than enough.

NB. Before making any changes to your dog’s diet, remember to check with your local vet regarding your dog’s nutritional needs.

Did you know dogs could eat blueberries?
What fresh foods do you give your dog to snack on?

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  1. My elderly border collie Frank has recently developed mild pancreatitis so her diet has to be really low in fat. On hot days she loves little chunks of watermelon… sweet and refreshing and low in calories too. 🙂

  2. Sabah Saeed says:

    My pup loves frozen chunks of watermelon–although it gets a bit messy! I’ve heard grapes are deathly for dogs so I always just assumed blueberries were bad too! guess not!

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