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Happy Monday everybody! It’s been nearly a month now since Pretty Fluffy was launched, and I’ve been overcome by the amount of support the site has received. I’ve seen the number of people who visit the site grow exponentially and I’ve been hugely pleased to find so many people enjoy what this blog has to offer. But the best is yet to come. I have so many more ideas to write about, heaps of new and exciting products to feature, numerous doggie vendors to showcase and unlimited Daily Fluffies to share. In short I have a lot more pretty and a lot more fluffy to go around.

But this is where you, the readers come in. Because as much I could ramble on about Soda and cute dogs all day, this site is not about me, it’s about YOU and what you want to see on here. What makes you click on this blog? What are your favourite ‘must-see’ posts? What would you tell other dog enthusiasts not to miss on here? Don’t be shy, every opinion counts. I want to make Pretty Fluffy the best dog-gone site for you to enjoy. This blog has been my baby (well puppy…) and I’ve been so amazed to see how much it’s grown in one month, I want to continue that growth and take you all along with me.

“Yes, yes,” I hear you say, “Just get to the Giveaway!” Well my Pretty Fluffies, to commemorate our one month anniversary, we have a fantastic Pretty Fluffy giveaway choc-o-bloc full of some AMAZING goodies. With a combined value of over $85 our gift pack includes:

{Comment below to win this Pretty Fluffy Package!}

Apricot & Almond Biscotti pack from Delicious Delights 4 Decadent Dogs Sound yummy? You betcha they are! These gourmet dog treats are made from human grade ingredients and feature only the finest produce. Soda likes them so much that she stole the first packet destined for this giveaway forcing me to replace it!
Napoleon’s Boney Parts Wattleseed Bone Biscuits pack from Delicious Delights 4 Decadent Dogs
Fuzzyard Naturals Jojoba + Basil Dog Shampoo The best pampering your pet can get. The luxurious Fuzzyard brand for dogs is not only 100% Australian owned, the grooming range gives your dog the best possible care without the harsh chemicals and additives found in most pet care products. And best of all? They smell delish!
Fuzzyard Organic Jojoba + Lavender Dog Conditioner
Fuzzyard Scratchmo The Giant Flea Soft Toy The first flea your dog will love! I kid you not, I had to hide this toy to prevent Soda from claiming it as her own (which we all know was a good move after the treat debacle). FuzzYard fleas are made from premium non-toxic acrylic plush, fully machine washable and feature a squeaker and floppy limbs that just beg your pup to come and play.
Nature’s Gift 100g Weekenders Dog Treats These treats have been a favourite of mine (well Sodas – you know what I mean) for years. With tasty beef cubes and kangaroo chunks this treat bag will delight even the most fussiest of eaters.

It’s the perfect holiday haul for your dog this season! If you don’t have a dog, not to worry, they also make great gifts – you’ll be the darling of the neighbourhood! To win, simply answer the questions below in the comments section:

What has been your favourite post so far on Pretty Fluffy and why? What would you like to see more of on Pretty Fluffy?

The best answer will be selected as the winner. Entrants can comment as many times as they like. The competition will be open until 12 midnight Sunday 12 December (Australian Eastern Daylight Time) and the winner announced on Pretty Fluffy, Monday 13 December. Please note the prize pack can be shipped to Australian addresses only, however I’d still LOVE to hear from my overseas readers.

Good luck everyone and thanks for your continued support!

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17 responses to “Pretty Fluffy GIVEAWAY!”

  1. IHeartFluffy says:

    Love the blog so far, but my fav post is the ‘Famous Fluffy’. Love hearing about the famous persons fluffy, and the ‘Get the Look’ section is too funny. Also, I jut love seeing the daily fluffy with the fun little comments to go with!

  2. dogdayafternoon says:

    I just adore this blog, with all its fluffy news, gorgeous pictures and posts! However if there is a sure-fire way to stop an adolescent labrador from eating her bed, (and her best mate’s bed – sorry Jeddy!), I’d love to hear it. (And yes, she can destroy a “chew and rip-proof” bed in record time!) Seriously, I love this site (especially the great ideas for boredom proofing your best fluffy friend’s day with the latest doggy toys on the market) and can’t wait for more delightfully doggy details in upcoming posts!

  3. Maryanne says:

    I agree with Dogdayafternoon – the product reviews are great. I never realised how many different dog products that there are available. I had always just gone to my local pet store until I saw your blog. I like reading about the amazing dog products, especially the custom made dog kennels – I think my hubby would be happy to be sent to the ‘dog house’ if we had one of those!

  4. Cyndie says:

    I like the Daily Fluffy, they are all SO CUTE, I can’t even choose one, it’s just impossible! I read most of Pretty Fluffy articles and I love the blog! I’d maybe like to see more tips and giveaway!

  5. oh boy! steve the yorkie would love love love to enter but we are overseas!!!
    We love your blog!

  6. Kerrie says:

    I love all the pictures… it makes me want to go out and get myself a pup!! Instead i will just have to be content with my besties little one!

    Being a huskie fan my favorite post is the “handful of huskie” post.

    I would love to see a post on “what dog is best suited to a baby” as that would suit me perfect.. considering i have a bubba and want a dog!!

  7. Bakes says:

    My fave posts are always the educational ones…like today’s about toxic plants, and recently another about educational toys to keep pupsies stimulated! You are now my go-to-girl for anything ‘fluffy’ related. I am not sure there is anything else I would like to see on your blog. I just look forward to more of your stylish and informative tips on taking care of my little Max, and how to keep our home dog & human friendly!

  8. Charlene says:

    To me, the Pretty fluffy blog is like my own personal shopping assistant. I am in love with the 12 days of Christmas Part 1 & 2. All the cutest ideas and gifts are displayed on the screen for me……all I need to do now is wip my hair down to pet barn and purchase a edible chrissy card from muttspace and some christmas pudding balls from snooty paws……and I will be the most desired parent on Christmas day…..sorry Andrew.

    Thank you Pretty Fluffy for being my source of energy every time I wake up in the morning. I read your blog daily and it makes me HAPPY!!

  9. Cathy R says:

    I love this blog, ilove reading all the new info about the new products for my furbabies

  10. Che says:

    I recently came across this site about flea treatment… I would love to get some feedback to see what other people think please?

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