Top 5: Puppy Basics

So you’ve researched your breed, you’ve picked out your new bundle of joy, and you are waiting patiently for the day to come when you can bring your new puppy home.  So rather than staring at the clock for days, willing the hours away – why not go shopping? Here are the Top 5 Puppy Basics every new dog owner should have…

{From Top: Puppy Kongs, Bamboo Puppy Brush, Hand Painted Bowls from Canine Styles, Brown Mutt SnugglePuppie from SnuggleMe, Sophie Dog Cushions from Oscar & Lulu, Carnival Dog Bed by Fuzzyard}

1. Puppy Kong. I doubt there is any dog owner in the world that hasn’t heard of the Kong. The signature red, cone shaped toy has become somewhat the pinnacle of dog toys. Why? The reason is three fold dear Pretty Fluffies. Firstly the bumpy, weird shape of the design allows it to bounce and twist around during a game of fetch making it much more fun for your pooch than the average tennis ball. Secondly, the hollowed out interior is the perfect place to hide treats or fill with yummy peanut butter to give your puppy a scrumptious snack which also encourages eye-paw co-ordination. Last but not least (and this is where puppy owners should take important note) Kong’s are so durable and long lasting that they make the most excellent chewing toys for your little furry friends. Soda will still chew on hers for hours. My tip to new puppy owners is whenever your new addition goes to chomp on your new shoes, your furniture, their own bed/leash/bowl (yes they have little respect for their possessions these whippersnappers) – give them a puppy kong. Their sharp little teeth will soon learn if they want to chew, the Kong is the place to do it. And the cherry on top? The special puppy sized Kongs come in blue for boys and pink for baby girls.

2. Puppy Brush. To this day if I want my dog Soda to come I call out ‘Brush!’ to her. Yes, it’s WEIRD but it does explain just how important brushing is in a dog’s life. Brushing your dog is a great time to connect with your pooch, rid them of any painful hair tangles, and make them look super cute and shiny in the process. And it’s never too early to start. By brushing your new puppy gently you’ll get them used to being brushed and handled which makes things a lot easier when they start to grow up! Use a soft brush, talk gently and use small treats as bribes to make brushing a positive experience. Get your new friend used to having their paws touched, bellies brushed, and their teeth and ears examined so as they get older grooming time is a joy – not a chore.

3. Water Dish & Bowl. There are so many dishes out there on the market, but the one puppy tip when purchasing your dog’s new dinnerware is to go for sturdiness and safety over style. What?! I hear you saying. This site is meant to be about all things pretty and fluffy! Don’t worry, luckily there are hundreds of designs out there that not only look good, but are safe for a new puppy too. Ceramic bowls, and stainless steel dishes are great options – they are sturdy enough not to be knocked over, can’t be chewed (unlike the plastic varieties), and are easily cleaned. And just to give you some pretty, they of course come in so many shapes, colours and designs that you’ll be sure to find something to impress your new pup.

4. Snugglepuppie. Awww the Snugglepuppie. I still have Soda’s Snugglepuppie from nearly a decade ago I love it so much! Even the company’s blatant disregard for correct spelling doesn’t put me off. The concept is quite simple. When a new puppy comes home, making him or her feel safe in their new surroundings is your number one priority and a Snugglepuppie basically works like a security blanket for your pup. A soft toy with an in built beating heart and heating pad, it gives your pup a safe companion to cuddle up to at night or when you’re not around.  A word of warning though – you may find this toy so darn cute that when your puppy eventually outgrows it, you’ll still be madly in love and unable to let it go.

5. Dog Bedding and Cushions. Just like us, a new puppy needs a place to rest their little head at the end of the day. When choosing a bed for your new puppy one of the important things to consider is how big is your dog going to grow? You need to strike a good balance between finding a bed that your new little puppy can curl up safely in versus a bed that they can essentially grow into. Remember they will not only use their bed to sleep in. For a little puppy, their bed is their den – a place where they are safe, warm and comfortable. Depending on the size of your home, I would generally recommend a soft bed with raised sides for the times your pup wants to curl up and snooze; and a flat dog pillow for the times they want to sprawl out and stretch. One final tip, do choose the materials of your dog bed wisely. Wicker baskets are basically inviting your puppy to have a chew, and covers made of non durable fabrics are practically begging your new pup to dig a hole in them and pull out all of that fun stuffing inside. And from experience, first time funny, second time not so much.

There you have it! Now that you’re prepared all you need is to add a puppy!

What’s your all-time favourite puppy product?
What can your puppy not live without?

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  2. Bakes says:

    I love all the basics here, and boy do I have all of these products, and more! But I wanted to ask you if you have any advice for me on the apartment pet loo ‘backyard in a box’? I live in a 1 bedroom apartment with a great sized wrap around (high walls) balcony, and at the moment I have a piece of synthetic grass that I have trained Max to do his business on. The problem is, that underneath is porous concrete tiles which can get really hard to remove the odour from. It usually takes me a day or 2 of soaking, washing, spraying etc, and I do this once a week! The synethic grass is 1m x 2m and my question is, will Max adapt to the size of the pet loo which is only 85cm x85cm? It’s going to cost me more than $300 to buy one and want to make sure it’s worth the outlay….

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