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Summer is here people!** Now before we all get carried away racing to the beach, sipping on Coronas or cocktails, and frolicking in the surf lets take a moment to look at some of the fantastic products any dog lover must have for this summer season.

** Well summer is here for all you Southern Hemisphere people. To all you Northern Hemisphere people maybe just flag this post to re-read when June rolls around in 2011. Apologies for rubbing it in with the whole ‘frolicking the the surf’ comment… 🙂

1. Dog Swim Bath Towel by DOOG. You know that trusty old shammy you get out to dry your car off after a wash? (Or if you’re like me you know the ones the people at the car wash cafe use?) Well this is a shammy for your dog! This quickdry, antibacterial towel for your pooch is perfect to bring along for those outings to the beach, or even when your dog goes for a run under the sprinkler at home. Wet dog no more.
2. Ice Cream Toys from Puppy Kisses. I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!! Well we all know ice cream isn’t good for dogs, so this gorgeous toy is the perfect alternative to keep your fluffy friend from feeling left out when the ice cream man rolls into town.
3. Toffee Apple Scarf by Tolly and Applewood. What better way to say hello to summer with a burst of colour? Handmade and coming in a range of designs and sizes, these eye catching scarves are the perfect way for your pup to stay stylish as the temperature rises. Be quick, they currently have a VIP sale on before they launch their new collection.
4. Double Basin Bowl by Luxury Pets. Keeping your dog’s water bowl topped up with fresh H2O during summer is a must. And if your dog likes to splash and play with their water? A non-tip bowl like this luxe granite & marble number is the way to go.
5. Cool Pet Pad by Senior Pet Products. Unless we’re talking about a picture like this, no-one likes a hot dog. This self cooling cushion requires no refrigeration, water or electricity and is perfect for older dogs, dogs with skin or joint conditions, and those that just live in plain old high temperature climates. The cool gel insert is activated by your dog’s weight or pressure and keeps them cool up for 4 hours. Much more fun and easy than trying to drape your pooch in wet towels – I’m looking at you, Soda!

What do you have planned for you and your dog this summer?
What are your tips for beating the heat?

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