Welcome Letter From the New Editors

A warm hello and welcome from Katy and Shell!

Copy: Katy & Shell

Photography: Dogfolk Pet Photography

A heartfelt Happy New Year to you, Pretty Fluffy family! We hope you’ve enjoyed spending quality time with your nearest and furry dearest over the holidays. 

As a new year begins, so too does an exciting new chapter here at Pretty Fluffy. We have SO many plans that we just can’t wait to share with you over the coming weeks and months.

Firstly, we must take our hats off to Serena, forever the founder of Pretty Fluffy. What an incredible 10-year legacy Serena has handed down to us. What began as a labour of love inspired by her beautiful girl Soda, was to become a leading online lifestyle destination for dog lovers everywhere – an incredible and touching tribute to her best friend (seriously, we are welling up as we write this!) Serena, thank you for choosing to pass the lead to us. We are incredibly grateful and promise to do you proud. 

So without further ado, please allow us to introduce ourselves as the new editors of Pretty Fluffy! We are Katy and Shell, proud dog mamas, passionate creatives, hard-core foodies (we’re always hungry, it’s true), natural-born huggers, and the kind of dog-loving dreamers that get stuff done. We make new furry best friends on the regular as pet family photographers over at Dogfolk (shhh…don’t tell Ziggy, it’s a sensitive subject).

Our love for Ziggy, our very cheeky and charming cocker spaniel, is what inspired our journey into the pet lifestyle world. Katy had been a lifestyle family photographer for years, capturing beautiful memories and love-filled moments for families of all kinds. Or so she thought! One day, while giving Ziggy his 97th snuggle for the day, we got to thinking…what about pet family photography? After all, the soul connection between a dog and their person is one of the most precious, purest things in the whole world.

So, that’s what we did. And still do! We also share the heartwarming stories behind the families we photograph at our Dogfolk Journal. Telling the personal stories of dogs and the humans who love them is one of the many article series we just can’t wait to bring to you and all Pretty Fluffy readers.

Becoming the editors at Pretty Fluffy is literally a dream come true for us. It’s crazy to think it was almost two years ago we featured on Pretty Fluffy, and boy did we do a happy dance that day! In our wildest dreams, we could never have imagined to one day call this incredible dog-loving corner of the internet our very own. 

So, what are our grand plans for Pretty Fluffy? We will proudly continue the Pretty Fluffy legacy by sharing the best and most stylish pet products, supporting small pet businesses and pet photographers, posting pet-friendly travel guides, featuring popular dog influencers we all know and love, sharing dog lifestyle tips, and promoting animal health and wellbeing. We wholeheartedly share Serena’s vision for Pretty Fluffy to bring dog lifestyle inspiration and advice to the homes of dog lovers and owners around the world. 

Ultimately, our goal is to bring everything you need to satisfy your dog-crazy heart in one place, so you and your fur baby can live your best and most beautiful lives together.

Most importantly, this isn’t just about us. Pretty Fluffy is a community. A spirit of collaboration and connection will be at the heart of everything we do. So, we want to hear from YOU…what would you like to see more of at Pretty Fluffy? Do you have a fabulous idea you think could inspire fellow dog lovers? If so, we would love to know! 

And hey, we’re new around here, so your advice and insight is truly appreciated, whether you’re a long-time Pretty Fluffy supporter, or new kid on the block like us!

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for the support we have received so far, and for embracing us as the new editors of Pretty Fluffy. We are beyond excited to nurture a community that inspires dog lovers from all walk-ies of life…bring on 2021!

Give your fur baby a hug from us, 

Shell, Katy and Ziggy xx


A warm welcome from the new editors at Pretty Fluffy

Copy: Katy & Shell

Photography: Dogfolk Pet Photography

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