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How to Host An Easter Egg Hunt for Dogs (+ Free Printables!)

Fun & easy tips to host a dog-friendly Easter eggs-travaganza!

Hosting an Easter egg hunt for dogs is a super cute way to include your pup in all the Easter fun!

Not just that, but dog Easter egg hunts are an amazing dog enrichment activity your pooch will love – and be deliciously rewarded for.

Whether you’re planning a solo hunt for your pooch, or a large-scale egg-stravaganza with all your dog’s besties, these handy tips and dog-inspired DIY ideas will help make your dog-friendly Easter egg hunt a safe, happy and fun-filled day to remember.

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5 Steps to Host an Easter Egg Hunt for Dogs

Cute Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Your Dog

#1: Prepare your Easter dog treats

First things first: never give chocolate to your dog.

While normal chocolate is toxic to dogs, you can give your dog carob chocolate. It looks just like the real thing, but is 100% safe for dogs.

Which makes it perfect for making homemade dog Easter eggs of course!

Here’s a few more Easter dog treat ideas to include in your Easter egg hunt:

How to Host An Easter Egg Hunt for Dogs (& Free Printable Sign)

#2: Prep your dog’s Easter costume

Okay this one’s optional, but dressing up in a costume makes any event much more fun. This goes for Easter too!

You don’t have to spend lots of time and money to come up with a cute Easter costume for your dog.

This DIY Bunny ears headband takes just a few minutes to make, and is perfect for dogs and kids (and all you big kids too!)

DIY PROJECTS DIY Bunny Ears Headband for Dogs or Kids – Made in 2 Minutes!

#3: Decorate with free Easter egg hunt printables

Just like any celebration, your Easter Egg hunt needs a few fun and festive decorations to get everyone egg-cited!

First, download our free Easter Egg Hunt printable signs. Print on an A4 sheet of card paper and place them around your yard.

Next, download and print this adorable dog-themed Easter bunny bunting.

Hang it under trees, or drape across your party table – there are so many ways you can decorate with it!

How to Host An Easter Egg Hunt for Dogs (& Free Printable Sign)

#4: Hide your Easter dog treats

When you’re ready to hide all the treats, give your pup a dog puzzle or slow feeder to keep them busy.

Then, with your dog safely tucked away, hide your dog treats throughout the yard.

Remember that hiding the treats is a fun way to stimulate your dog. So, the trickier hiding spots you find, the better!

PRO TIP #1: If your dog has a ‘dig’ area or sandpit, try burying some of the more durable treats deep in there to keep them busy.

PRO TIP #2: Count the number of treats you’ve hidden, to make sure they’re all found and gobbled up!

Fun & Easy DIY Easter Eggs For Dogs

#5: Release the hounds!

Let the fun begin! Release your pup and watch them search for all the yummy Easter dog treats you’ve hidden.

You may have to help them find the first treat, so they can sniff it out and get the hang of the game.

If you’re hosting a dog Easter Egg hunt with lots of other pooches, make sure there is plenty of space for them all to sniff and explore.

DIY: 2 Minute Easter Bunny Ears for Dogs

Safety tips for dog Easter egg hunts

  • If you’re hosting a dog-friendly Easter egg hunt at home, make sure your yard is fully fenced (check for gaps, holes etc).
  • Don’t go too crazy dishing out the dog treats. Just like us humans, too many treats is never a good thing!
  • If you’re having a children’s Easter egg hunt, do this at a separate time to ensure no dogs accidentally eat the kids treats, and vice versa.
  • Take your dog for a walk afterwards to make sure they burn off the treats and enjoy some quality time with you.
  • Again, never ever feed your dog human chocolate. This includes Easter eggs of course!

Happy hunting!

Download: Printable Dog Easter Egg Hunt Signs

3 x Easter Egg Hunt for Dogs Signs – Downloadable Template

More Easter Egg Hunt Printables We Love

Want more options for decorating your Easter Egg Hunt?

These printable Easter Egg hunt signs are a few of our favorites from Etsy!

Each beautiful design is budget-friendly and ideal for your dog-friendly Easter event.

How to Host An Easter Egg Hunt for Dogs (& Free Printable Sign)

CHECK PRICE >> All To Celebrate on Etsy


How to Host An Easter Egg Hunt for Dogs (& Free Printable Sign) (2)

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Easter Egg Hunt for Dogs.jpg

Cute Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Your Dog

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14 responses to “How to Host An Easter Egg Hunt for Dogs (+ Free Printables!)”

  1. erica says:

    my yorkie loves to do easter egg hunts! we put treats in the plastic eggs, and he finds them, cracks it open and eats his prize! we all get a big kick out of it! :)

  2. Ann Lawson says:

    How cute! That is a great idea. We should have done this with my mom’s dog years ago. My mom hid our Easter Eggs outside and the dog found them and ate them. Maybe if she would have had her own Easter treats first she wouldn’t have eaten our eggs :).

    Ann Lawson

  3. Oh how sweet!! How did Soda do? Did she find all of her Easter treats?

    Happy Easter!

  4. Serena,
    This is just too cute I can’t contain myself! Soda looks so happy in that last photo, did she recover all of her hidden eggs? Honestly, if I set Mamma Biscuit loose in your egg hunt, she would run off into a corner and poop and then she would stare at Soda as she ran around collecting all those eggs! LOL
    Happy Easter to you and Soda! I feel like I should just download your sign for the sake of having it, that’s how charming it is!
    The Biscuits

    • Ha ha – I think Mamma would stand there in her couture, looking at Soda getting all dirty and messy searching the yard!! ;)
      Happy Easter to the Biscuit family! Hope you had a good one xxx

  5. leanne says:

    such a great way to have your dog involved with easter celebrations too! I love this idea!

  6. angela says:

    Love!!! Dollies and doggies…. pretty and furry.

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