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Carob for Dogs: The Ultimate Pup-Friendly Guide

Here's everything you need to know about carob for dogs - a yummy dog-safe chocolate!

It looks just like chocolate, but it’s not. So, what is carob for dogs? 

As we all know, chocolate is toxic to dogs. So while you can’t give your dog ‘human’ chocolate, you can treat your dog to a perfectly dog-safe chocolate substitute.

To answer all your questions about carob chocolate for dogs, we’ve put together this handy guide for you.

Plus, you’ll also find a few delicious homemade carob dog treat recipes at the end of the post for you and your pup to enjoy.

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Carob for Dogs- Everything You Need to Know


Carob for Dogs: The Ultimate Pup-Friendly Guide 

Carob for Dogs: The Ultimate Pup-Friendly Guide

What is carob made from?

While chocolate comes from cocoa beans, carob originates from the pod of a carob tree, named the Ceratonia siliqua. The tree’s fruit is a legume that takes a full year to mature.

Carob trees produce brown, leathery pea-like pods around 6-12 inches long. After harvest, the whole pod is dried or roasted before it is used in a wide range of recipes.

This is quite different to how chocolate is made, which only uses cacao seeds.

While carob is similar to chocolate (especially in colour) it does have its own distinct flavour. Carob is naturally sweet, although its overall flavour is more earthy and nutty than chocolate.

Still, their close similarities are why carob is a popular chocolate substitute in many beverages and baked treats like cupcakes, brownies and even fudge!

Two dogs licking carob. Carob for Dogs: The Ultimate Pup-Friendly Guide

Is carob safe for dogs?

You might be thinking, ‘if carob and chocolate look so similar, what actually makes carob a dog-safe alternative to chocolate?’

Carob is safe for dogs simply because it is free of all the allergenic and addictive effects of caffeine, as well as free of oxalic acid, theobromine, thenylthylamine and tyramine – all of which are common in chocolate.

Carob also contains less fat, and doesn’t have added sugar. 

There are also a number of health benefits of carob for dogs. Carob is packed with a variety of healthy nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, and protein.

Carob also contains antioxidants, while being a great source of fibre and promoting good gut health.

So not only is carob perfectly safe to use in homemade dog treats, it’s a great sugar-free chocolate alternative for us pet parents too.

Dog licking carob. Carob for Dogs: The Ultimate Pup-Friendly Guide

What does carob look like?

In its natural form, carob looks like a brown, dried out version of your average green pea pod (just much bigger).

But when you’re shopping around for carob dog chocolate, there are a few different options you’ll find including:

  • Carob powder for dogs
  • Carob drops for dogs (also known as carob chips, or carob buttons for dogs)
  • Carob chocolate blocks

While the most common versions of carob you’ll find on the shelves are drops and powder, you might also come across pre-made carob chocolate blocks too.

Carob chips, carob powder, carob brownie

Where can you buy carob for dogs?

The easiest way to purchase carob treats for your dog is through an online stockist, or visiting your local pet supplies store. 

Here in Australia, many pet stores sell packets of pre-made carob drops.

Online Australian stockists include:

Online stockist in U.S.A:

While perfectly safe for your pup to enjoy, we strongly recommend you read the label of any store-bought carob dog treats.

Unfortunately some carob treats for dogs contain sugar and other additives, so always check the label before purchasing.

We recently bought 100% natural carob powder from our local health food store, and you can also purchase it here on Amazon.

What is Carob? Carob Dog Chocolate Recipes


Want to try cooking with carob?

These carob dog treat recipes are all delicious and simple to make:

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Two dogs licking carob. Carob for Dogs: The Ultimate Pup-Friendly Guide

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