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‘Today’s Good Mood is Sponsored by Coffee and Dogs’ Free Screensaver

I'll have a strong soy latte and a pupper to go, please.

‘Today’s good mood is sponsored by coffee and dogs.’

Are there any better dog mom quotes for those of us obsessed with dogs and coffee…?

Actually, we stand by this quote so much, that we really should print it on a shirt and make it our mandatory uniform here at Pretty Fluffy HQ!

'Today's Good Mood is Sponsored by Coffee and Dogs' Free Screensaver


Because if there’s two essentials a dog mama needs to start her day on the right foot, it’s plenty of dog kisses and cuddles, followed by a delicious, dopamine-hitting coffee to see you SLAY. YOUR. DAY.

(Note: we’re talking morning essentials…post 5pm we’re looking at you rosé or margarita…)

Want to add extra-cuteness to your already good mood? Check out these adorable puppy shoot ideas and get ready to squeal!

Ready to give your phone or laptop a quick ~dog aesthetic~ makeover? Choose from the sizes below to download your free dog mom quote desktop wallpaper and screensaver today!

Today's good mood is sponsored by coffee and dogs' - Dog Mom Quote Screensaver


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