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Eureka Pet Co

Air dried dog food made in Oz. Over 90% meat, real ingredients, no nonsense.
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Stylish dog bowls to make even the most chic fash-hound drool with delight.


Well-designed and eye-catching dog bowls and stands to elevate any meal.10% off first order with code FLUFFY.

Cloud 7

Modern dog bowls and interiors
for dogs and dog lovers.

Super Feedy

A 4-in-1 slow-feeder dog bowl for healthier mealtimes for your dog. Use code FLUFFY10 for 10% off first order.

Wild One

Designer dog bowls and dog feeding accessories so your dog can eat in style.

Awoo Pets

Stylish dog bowls, eco-conscious dog accessories and more. Use code FLUFFY10 for 10% off first purchase.

This Dog's Life Shop

Thoughtfully designed dog bowls from boutique brands committed to quality and sustainability.