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Hello Cute Puppy Photos: 10 Adorable Puppy Photo Shoot Ideas

It's newborn photography - for puppies! Get ready to capture your puppy's cuteness.

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Photography: Dogfolk Pet Photography

Cute puppy photos. Who doesn’t love them, right? (unless your soul is black as night, or you’re strictly a cat person!)

And when it comes to cute puppy pictures, we of course love them so much more when they’re ours (all 10,000 of them, thank you very much).

But if you need some ideas and inspiration to make your puppy photos as sweet and squeal-worthy as can be, we’re here to help you out with these adorable puppy photo shoot ideas you can do at home.

After all, puppyhood is such a precious time in your family’s life, and puppies grow oh-so fast! That’s why as a puppy parent, you’ll want to capture EVERY. SINGLE. DETAIL.

Take it from us. You may not know that as well as being the editors here at Pretty Fluffy, we’re also pet photographers. So when it comes to taking pictures of really cute puppies and dogs, it’s fair to say we’re a *tad* more obsessed than your average pet parent.

And it’s absolutely true that we were thinking about all the adorable puppy photos we’d take of our gorgeous cocker spaniel puppy, Sunny, long before meeting him!

10 Adorable Puppy Photo Shoot Ideas | Puppy Photography Tips | Pretty Fluffy


10 Fun & Easy Puppy Photo Shoot Ideas

Katy’s background as a newborn photographer inspired many of these cute puppy poses, which makes sense when you think about it – because it’s basically a newborn puppy photo shoot!

So whether you’re a pet parent or pet photographer looking for cute puppy photo shoot ideas, or you’re here just to look at cute photos of puppies, these are sure to put a big cheesy smile on your face.

Cue the oohs and ahhhs!


Puppy in a hammock - 10 Adorable Puppy Photo Shoot Ideas

#1. Puppy in a hammock 

Anne Geddes, the original queen of newborn photography, became famous with her iconic images of babies sleeping in hammocks. And if a baby looks cute in a hammock, of course a puppy does too! Just remember, safety first – this photo was taken above a bed, which is just out of shot.


Puppy wrapped in a swaddle - 10 Adorable Puppy Photo Shoot Ideas

#2. Puppy in a swaddle

Newborn photography 101 – but for puppies! For this puppy photo shoot idea, grab your favourite light throw blanket and wrap it round your puppy so they are nice and snuggly. Lay their ears out, or tuck their paws under their chin, for that extra adorbs factor.

Puppy in bed - 10 Adorable Puppy Photo Shoot Ideas

#3. Puppy in bed

Puppies sleep A LOT…which means plenty of time for photo ops! There’s no doubt the easiest time to photograph your puppy is when they are sleeping. For this shot, tuck your sleeping puppy in bed nice and snug, with their paws over the sheet for extra cuteness.


Puppy playing outside - 10 Adorable Puppy Photo Shoot Ideas

#4. Puppy’s first run in the garden

The unbridled joy and sense of freedom your puppy feels when they are let loose to run around your garden for the first time is a precious memory you will 100% want to capture. Tip: Get down to your puppy’s level to capture the moment from their perspective!


Puppy announcement post ideas - 10 Adorable Puppy Photo Shoot Ideas

#5. Puppy announcement post 

Need cute puppy announcement ideas? Sharing your exciting news with the world via a sweet or funny message on a letterboard is all the rage across Facebook and Instagram, for good reason. Our letter board is from Bebe Robe, and you’ll find plenty of beautiful designs on Etsy.


10 Adorable Puppy Photo Shoot Ideas | Puppy Photography Tips | Pretty Fluffy

#6. Puppy hanging in a swaddle

Sure, a hammock is cute. But when it comes to adorable puppy pictures, a hanging swaddle is even sweeter! Again, safety first – this photo was taken just above a bed, because you never know when your sleeping puppy is going to wake up dramatically and want something!


Puppy with flower crown - 10 Adorable Puppy Photo Shoot Ideas

#7. Puppy with flower crown

Just when you think a sleeping puppy can’t look any more innocent…out come the flower crowns! Not that we used an actual flower crown, that is – these are just a few flowers from our garden resting gently on Sunny’s head. The effect is the same – blooming adorable. 


Puppy in a basket - 10 Adorable Puppy Photo Shoot Ideas

#8. Puppy in a basket 

Another idea inspired by classic newborn photography, the ‘puppy in a basket’ shot is a must! If you have a wicker basket, simply pad it out with one or two light throws (we opted for one plain, one patterned throw) then tuck your sleeping puppy in while laying on their back, so you can get the shot from directly above.   


Sleeping puppy - 10 Adorable Puppy Photo Shoot Ideas

#9. Paws on paws

Little paw paws touching their little toe beans…puppy photos don’t get much cuter. Make a nest with a blanket and place your sleepy puppy inside, laying on their back. Make your puppy nice and tight and snug, which will bring their four paws close together so they are touching – then snap away!


10 Adorable Puppy Photo Shoot Ideas | Puppy Photography Tips | Pretty Fluffy

#10. Puppy’s little details 

Does your pup have adorable little features you love? Such as their puppy paws, eyelashes or floppy ears? Capture all the little things you love and put them together in a cute puppy photo collage. 


10 Adorable Puppy Photo Shoot Ideas | Puppy Photography Tips

10 Adorable Puppy Photo Shoot Ideas | Puppy Photography Tips | Pretty Fluffy


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