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Spring-a-licious! 5 Ideas for Spring Pet Photos

Spring! No other time of the year is more perfect for capturing your dog in all the prettiness of the natural environment. All that gorgeous blooming of nature and the resurgence of colour.

It’s also a wonderful time to be outdoors, enjoying time with your dog and your camera. Here’s my favourite ideas for the most beautiful psing pet photos.

1. Spring Flowers

Including anything that grows, buds or blooms is the perfect way to showcase spring in photography with your dog. Racing through a field of flowers, stopping to sniff the roses, carrying a sweet little floral gift back to you.

Head to your favourite garden or find an open space full of wild flowers and let your dog explore. Capture the magic that unfolds amongst that floral beauty. If your dog will carry things in their mouth, try to have them bring a flower to you. Make a floral collar or a daisy chain headband for them to wear in a photo.

2. Spring Showers

Next time its ‘spring showers’ raining (so not a heavy downpour!) – why not pop on your gumboots (or Wellies depending on where in the world you live!), grab a cute & colourful umbrella and head out for your daily walk.

Let your pup play. Use a macro setting or lens to capture water droplets on their nose (whether from the sky or from nosing through the grass). Look for reflections in puddles or the splash they make as they race through it. Photograph your dog dressed in their raincoat, briefly wearing your boots or snuggled in under the umbrella. Head to ponds or streams that are flowing more fully – they will make for beautiful background scenery for your photos.

And if you see one – be sure to include a rainbow!

If you have a waterproof camera, this is a great occasion to be using that. If not, remember to take care of your camera in the rain – keep it under the cover of your umbrella, shelter it from the rain under a coat or in a bag and/or carry a towel to wipe off any rain.

3. Colour

Long green grass, blue skies with fluffy white clouds, orange butterflies and flowers of nearly every colour. Spring is vibrant and fresh. Why not head to a hill to photograph your best friend them standing tall and proud at the very top in front of a glorious blue sky background. Capture them rolling over in long grass or if you’re quick enough chasing butterflies.

Add more complimentary or contrasting colours in your photos with accessories or props – a bright red collar and lead, playing fetch with a bright blue ball or an adorable spotted bow tie.

4. Picnic Time!

Spring gives us the perfect weather for picnics! Why not pack the basket and head out to your favourite dog friendly place for a picnic. While you’re there be sure to capture photos of your dog enjoying family time. Tasting a little roast chicken or maybe trying strawberries for the first time. Sniffing out new smells and lying down to bask in the sunlight. It’s also a beautiful setting for including the humans in your dogs’ life in the photos. Candid photos of the kids playing with the dog or of mumma cuddles at the end of the day when everyone is a little bit snoozy.

5. Sunrise

As the weather is warming (and before it becomes too early to get out of bed) head out at sunrise and with your fingers crossed for beautiful sunrise colours across the morning sky. Photograph your dog from behind as they watch the sun rising. Capture a peaceful silhouette as the skyline brightens. Use the beautiful soft light at the start of the day to take a beautiful portrait of your dog.


AUTHOR: Kerry Martin considers pets very much part of the family. It’s for this very reason that she adores capturing all of their happiness, the heartfelt things you love most about them and genuinely celebrating their story. To see more of her work, visit Akemi Photography: WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM

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  1. Love your work! I’m looking for great doggy images to use on my blog and in articles about doggy health are yours available that way? You can check out my site and see my beautiful Cavalier Agatha get an idea of what I’m looking for :-). Of course I would be happy to give you credit 🙂

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