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5 Fun Ideas for Beautiful Spring Dog Photos

Capture your dog in all their blooming beauty.

Spring is the perfect time of year for capturing your dog in all the beauty and colour of the natural environment.

Not to mention it’s also a wonderful time to be outdoors, enjoying time with your two favourite things in the world – your dog and your camera!

So, if you’re looking for ideas for a beautiful spring photo shoot with your dog, we’ve gone straight to the experts to help you out.

Here Kerry Martin, the talented pet photographer behind Puppy Tales, gives us her top spring pet photography tips that you can try today.

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5 Ideas for a Dog Photo Shoot in Spring

5 Ideas for a Dog Spring Photoshoot

1. Spring flowers

5 Ideas for a Dog Spring Photoshoot

Anything that grows, buds or blooms is perfect for a spring photo shoot with your dog!

Here are four simple pet photo shoot ideas with spring flowers:

  1. Racing through a field of flowers
  2. Stopping to sniff the roses
  3. Carrying a flower in their mouth to give to you
  4. Make your dog a floral dog collar or a daisy chain headband to wear

2. Spring showers

5 Ideas for a Dog Spring Photoshoot

Next time its raining ‘spring showers’, pop on your gumboots, grab a cute umbrella and head out for a walk!

Here are a few fun ideas to photograph your dog on a showery spring day:

  1. Use a macro setting or lens to capture water droplets on your dog’s nose
  2. Look for reflections in puddles, or the splash they make as they race through them!
  3. Photograph your dog dressed in their raincoat, briefly wearing your boots or snuggled in under the umbrella
  4. Head to ponds or streams that are flowing more fully – they will make for beautiful background scenery for your photo

And don’t forget, spring showers often bring rainbows! So keep your eye out for a colourful photo op with your pup.

3. Colour

5 Ideas for Spring Pet Photos

Spring is vibrant, fresh and bursting with colour. All the long green grass, blue skies with fluffy white clouds, orange butterflies and flowers blossoming to life.

Why not head to a hill to photograph your best friend at the very top, in front of a glorious blue sky background or field of flowers below. Capture them rolling over in long grass, or if you’re quick enough – chasing butterflies!

Add more complimentary or contrasting colours in your photos with accessories or props. For example, a bright dog collar and lead, playing fetch with a colourful ball, or wearing an adorable bow tie.

4. Picnic time!

picnic dog photoshoot in spring

Spring brings perfect picnic weather!

Why not pack a basket and head out to your favourite dog friendly place for a picnic?

While you’re there, capture photos of your dog enjoying family time. Tasting a little roast chicken or maybe trying strawberries for the first time. Sniffing out new smells and lying down to bask in the sunlight.

It’s also a beautiful setting for candid family photos with your dog, whether it’s the kids playing with the dog, or mumma cuddles at the end of the day when everyone is a little bit snoozy.

5. Sunrise

dog photo shoot at sunrise - spring pet photo ideas

The soft light at sunrise is wonderful for creating stunning portraits of your dog.

You could photograph your dog from behind as they watch the sun rising, and capture a peaceful silhouette as the skyline brightens.

If you’re lucky, you’ll be greeted with a striking orange and pink glow across the morning sky – the perfect backdrop for your spring dog photos.


We hope you love these fun and simple ideas to capture beautiful portraits of your dog in spring!

You can see more from Kerry Martin and her pet photography at Puppy Tales.

 Ideas for a Dog Spring Photoshoot

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