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7 Bright & Fun Dog Collars for Funky Pups

These collars will never dim your fur baby's sparkle.

Looking for some fun dog collars to suit your pup’s personality?

We’ve rounded up some of this season’s cutest dog collars your pooch will be sure to love!

From geometric patterns to handmade treasures, multicolour dog collars and more, these collars bring the style with a capital S.

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7 Bright & Fun Dog Collars for Funky Pups

List of fun dog collars and bright multicolour dog collars


For the dog that wants summer all year round…

Click to Buy >>> Neon Leather Canvas Collar Pink & Denim by Love Thy Beast


For the dog that wants to switch up their style…

Click to Buy >>> Coral Sari Rag Rug Collar & Sleeve by Ike & Stella


For the pattern loving pup…

Click to Buy >>> Pink Aztec Collar by K9 Couture


For the fun loving pooch…

Click to Buy >>> Sideshow Collar by Haus of Harley


For a modern twist on a classic design…

Click to Buy >>> Limeade Collar by K9 Couture


For the pretty in pink pup…

Click to Buy >>> Disco Inferno Collar by K9 Couture


The force is strong with this Star Wars themed collar…

Click to Buy >>> The Empire Strikes Back Collar by K9 Couture

Quick dog collar tips

Haus of Harley Bijou Bright Beaded Collar

#1: How to measure a dog collar

If you have a soft tape measure:

Gently place the measuring tape around your dog’s neck, where their collar should sit. The rule of thumb is to leave enough space for two fingers to easily fit between the tape and neck. 

If you don’t have a soft tape measure:

Sometimes it’s ok to improvise! Use whatever you have laying around the house that’s soft and flexible – ribbon, socks, fabric scraps – even your phone charger cable! Hold one end between your finger and thumb, then very gently wrap the other side around your dog’s neck. Pull it enough so you can apply the two-finger rule. Then, let go of the end between your finger and thumb, and mark the spot with your finger that met the end.

Now, use a ruler or hard tape measure to measure against your ribbon/fabric/cable. This is much easier (and safer) than trying to wrap a hard tape measure around your dog’s neck!

#2: How to clean a dog collar

Don’t want a bad smell following your pup around? Not to mention a build up of bacteria getting a free ride on your dog’s collar! Then it’s important to know how to wash a dog collar properly to keep it clean and fresh as often as possible.

Here’s a few quick tips about washing and cleaning dog collars:

  • For most dog collars, it’s completely fine to wash them in a washing machine. Just be sure to use a gentle setting with cold water only. We also recommend using a protective wash bag (like this one on Amazon) to avoid the collar getting damaged during spin cycles.
  • If you’re cleaning a leather dog collar, this is best done by hand using a small amount of dog shampoo. Soak the collar for 10-15 minutes, then rub any dirty areas gently. Rinse, pat with a towel, then hang to dry.
  • Prefer to go natural? A good natural alternative to dog shampoo is baking soda. To clean a dog collar with baking soda, simply add two teaspoons of baking soda to warm water. When it becomes a paste, apply this to your dog’s collar and let it soak for 15 minutes.  Use a brush to clean, then rinse and hang to dry as above.

FINAL TIP: When fitting your pup’s fancy new fall dog collar, don’t forget to attach their pet ID tag from the existing collar to the new one! 

For more tips on finding the right dog collar for your pup, visit our full guide How to Choose a Dog Collar.

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  1. I really love #4! Thanks for sharing these!

  2. Oh wow, these are all so adorable!! I love colorful collars!! N6 would look so cute on my white Labrador 😀

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