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12 Fall Dog Collars to Spice up Your Pup’s Wardrobe

Cute dog collars you’ll fall for.

Pumpkin spice and everything nice! Yes, fall is just around the corner…and these gorgeous fall dog collars are perfect for bringing a touch of the season’s magic to your pup’s wardrobe.

Besides, if you just can’t resist cozy sweater weather, crunchy leaves in reds, yellows and browns – and all the nostalgic vibes fall brings – why not get your pup into the spirit? And don’t even get us started on all the dog-friendly fun you can get up to for Halloween and Thanksgiving!

From pumpkin and acorn prints to autumnal-inspired designs, even chic fall colours your dog can wear all year long….get ready for your best friend’s style to turn over a new leaf.

Plus, at the end of this post you’ll find two quick dog collar tips to help you easily measure your pup’s collar size – and know how to keep it clean – so your pup’s new look pops all season long.

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12 Stylish Dog Collars for Fall, Halloween & Thanksgiving-18

12 Stylish Fall Dog Collars to Spice up Your Pup’s Wardrobe

Harvest Plaid Dog Collar - The Best Fall Dog Collars

The Foggy Dog Harvest Plaid Flannel Collar

A classic fall dog collar with a touch of luxe. Plaid prints in cozy flannel bring all the autumnal vibes, while gold-plated hardware adds an oh-so chic feel The Foggy Dog is renowned for.

$32 USD. Ships worldwide.

[Image Credit: The Foggy Dog]

SHOP NOW >> thefoggydog.com

Harvest Pumpkin Dog Collar - The Best Fall Dog Collars

You Had Me at Woof Harvest Pumpkin Dog Collar 

When it comes to gourd-geous fall dog collars, look no further than an iconic pumpkin print. Altogether elegant and eye-catching, you can even get your pup’s name engraved on the gold buckle for an ultra fancy look.

$24.50 USD. Ships worldwide.

[Image Credit: You Had Me at Woof]

SHOP NOW >> youhadmeatwoof.boutique 

Dog wearing House of Woof Tangerine Dog Collar

House of Woof Hello, Tangerine Dog Collar

Looking for a bright and fun fall-inspired look? Keep your pup’s wardrobe looking fresh with this fully-adjustable dog collar, complete with white buckle and popping pattern in zesty orange shades.

$18.95 AUD. Ships worldwide.

[Image Credit: House of Woof]

SHOP NOW >> houseofwoof.store 

Fall Leaves Dog Collar - The Best Fall Dog Collars

DUKEandFOX Fall Dog Collar 

Acorns, leaves and pumpkins in a palette of charming autumnal colours – it’s full fall spirit and we love to see it! Add a personal touch to this soft fabric collar by having your pup’s name embroidered along the side.

$14+ USD. Ships worldwide.

[Image Credit: DUKEandFOX]

SHOP NOW >> DUKEandFOX via Etsy

Wild One Cocoa Dog Collar - The Best Fall Dog Collars

Wild One Cocoa Dog Collar

Sipping a hot cup of cocoa while watching the fall leaves…yes please! Sleek and chic, this flex-poly strap dog collar offers long-lasting wear that’s easy to clean too – perfect for fall adventures.

$38 USD. Ships worldwide.

[Image Credit: Wild One]

SHOP NOW >> wildone.com

Blueberry Pet Thanksgiving Fall Maple Adjustable Dog Collar with Detachable Accessory - Fall Print Dog Collar

Blueberry Pet Thanksgiving Fall Maple Adjustable Dog Collar

“Maybe they’re born with it…maybe it’s maple leaves” is what they’ll all be saying at the dog park with this spectacular fall print dog collar. The show-stopping maple leaf attachment can be removed, by why would you?

$13.99 USD. Ships worldwide.

[Image Credit: Blueberry Pet]

SHOP NOW >> Blueberry Pet via Amazon 

The Adorable Flower Power Dog Collar - The Best Fall Dog Collars

The Adorable Pooch Co. Flower Power Dog Collar 

70’s flower power vibes tie in perfectly with the warm, nostalgic sense that autumn and fall brings. If you love a boho vintage aesthetic, get your pup involved in this brown, burnt orange and mustard floral goodness.

£10 GBP. Ships worldwide.

[Image Credit: The Adorable Pooch Co.]

Watercolor Pumpkins Dog Collar - The Best Fall Dog Collars

KandM Collars Watercolor Pumpkins Dog Collar

When it comes to fall pet accessories, this pretty pumpkin print is sure to wow at Halloween, Thanksgiving and every day in between. With 5 different collar options available (including Martingale) there’s a collar for every fall-loving pup.

$28.50 USD. Ships worldwide.

[Image Credit: KandM Collars]

Mulberry Velvet Dog Collar - The Best Fall Dog Collars

Wag & Wonder Velvet Mulberry Classic Dog Collar

Capture the enchanting deep wine colour of fall leaves in this luxe velvet dog collar. Your pup will be a fall fashionista no doubt – but why stop there? This look will impress all year long.

$32 USD. Ships worldwide.

[Image Credit: Wag & Wonder]

SHOP NOW >> wagandwonder.com

Pooch & Hound Floral Print Fall Dog Collar - The Best Fall Dog Collars

Pooch & Hound Pink Floral Dog Collar 

If spring and autumn are your favourite seasons, this sweet floral print is the perfect dog accessory for your pampered pooch. Complete the look with matching leash and poop bag.

$25 AUD. Ships worldwide.

[Image Credit: Pooch & Hound]

SHOP NOW >> poochandhound.com

Halloween Trick or Treat Bow Tie Dog Collar - The Best Fall Dog Collars

Big & Little Dogs Trick or Treat Dog Collar & Bow Tie

Is your dog your boo? This terrifyingly fun Halloween dog collar and detachable bow tie will see your pup being the most dapper pup-kin in the patch.

$27.95 AUD. Ships worldwide.

[Image Credit: Big & Little Dogs]

SHOP NOW >> bigandlittledogs.com

The Foggy Dog Pumpkin Velvet Bow Tie Collar

Speaking of dapper, orange is the new black – especially during fall. This plush, pumpkin-inspired number is one of the best quality fall dog collars you’ll find – and it’s perfect for year-round pawties too.

$49 USD. Ships worldwide.

[Image Credit: The Foggy Dog]

SHOP NOW >> thefoggydog.com

Quick tip #1: How to measure a dog collar

If you have a soft tape measure:

Gently place the measuring tape around your dog’s neck, where their collar should sit. The rule of thumb is to leave enough space for two fingers to easily fit between the tape and neck. 

If you don’t have a soft tape measure:

Sometimes it’s ok to improvise! Use whatever you have laying around the house that’s soft and flexible – ribbon, socks, fabric scraps – even your phone charger cable! Hold one end between your finger and thumb, then very gently wrap the other side around your dog’s neck. Pull it enough so you can apply the two-finger rule. Then, let go of the end between your finger and thumb, and mark the spot with your finger that met the end.

Now, use a ruler or hard tape measure to measure against your ribbon/fabric/cable. This is much easier (and safer) than trying to wrap a hard tape measure around your dog’s neck!

Quick tip #2: How to clean a dog collar

Don’t want a bad smell following your pup around? Not to mention a build up of bacteria getting a free ride on your dog’s collar! Then it’s important to know how to wash a dog collar properly to keep it clean and fresh as often as possible.

Here’s a few quick tips about washing and cleaning dog collars:

  • For most dog collars, it’s completely fine to wash them in a washing machine. Just be sure to use a gentle setting with cold water only. We also recommend using a protective wash bag (like this one on Amazon) to avoid the collar getting damaged during spin cycles.
  • If you’re cleaning a leather dog collar, this is best done by hand using a small amount of dog shampoo. Soak the collar for 10-15 minutes, then rub any dirty areas gently. Rinse, pat with a towel, then hang to dry.
  • Prefer to go natural? A good natural alternative to dog shampoo is baking soda. To clean a dog collar with baking soda, simply add two teaspoons of baking soda to warm water. When it becomes a paste, apply this to your dog’s collar and let it soak for 15 minutes.  Use a brush to clean, then rinse and hang to dry as above.

FINAL TIP: When fitting your pup’s fancy new fall dog collar, don’t forget to attach their pet ID tag from the existing collar to the new one! 

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12 Stylish Dog Collars for Fall, Halloween & Thanksgiving-18

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