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The Ultimate Guide to Staying in a Pet-Friendly Airbnb

Check out these handy tips to find the paw-fect Airbnb for your pet.

Planning a holiday with your favourite furry companion and need a pet-friendly Airbnb?

Today we’re sharing a few handy tips to help you find the perfect stay for you and your pup! 

As travel-loving dog mums, over the years we’ve stayed in many pet-friendly Airbnbs in Victoria. There was the time we stayed at this unique bakery-turned-antique-shop-turned-Airbnb, or in this beautiful dog-friendly beach house.

While Airbnb has become the go-to booking site for dog-friendly vacation rentals, finding suitable pet-friendly accommodation takes a little more research than a simple tick of Airbnb’s pet-friendly search filter.

So with that in mind, we’ve put together this easy guide to booking a pet-friendly Airbnb so you and your pup have the best holiday together, every time!

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The Ultimate Guide to Staying in a Pet-Friendly Airbnb [2022]


The Ultimate Guide to Staying in a Pet-Friendly Airbnb

Dog staying in a pet-friendly cabin on Airbnb

What is Airbnb’s pet policy?

First things first: are pets allowed in an Airbnb? They sure are! But only if you have the host’s permission.

Airbnb offers great flexibility for hosts, including the right to choose whether they accept pets in their holiday rental. The only strict Airbnb pet policy is in relation to service animals, which must be accepted by hosts.

While many hosts happily welcome pets as guests, many do not (reasons for this vary, such as allergies causing other guests discomfort, the hassle of extra cleaning, or the property simply not being suitable for a pet.)

So, always be sure the Airbnb you’re choosing is pet-friendly! We’ll show you how below.

Airbnb Amenties List - Pet-Friendly Holiday Bookings

Did you know?

According to The Washington Post, ‘Pets allowed’ is the most-searched-for amenity on Airbnb, followed by pools and WiFi.

Are there Airbnb pet fees? 

While Airbnb itself doesn’t charge standard pet fees, hosts can choose to set their own fee for pets to cover general wear and tear and extra cleaning costs.

To be clear, a pet fee is in addition to any cleaning and service fees.

Pet-friendly properties on Airbnb should mention this either in the listing description, or under the ‘House rules’ section at the bottom of the listing.

So, always read the listing description properly before booking to avoid any nasty surprises.

(In some cases, hosts have charged pet fees after a booking has been made even if pet fees weren’t mentioned in the listing. Keep reading for tips to avoid this!)

Two dogs staying in a pet-friendly holiday home

How much is the average pet fee on Airbnb? 

The cost of Airbnb pet fees largely depends on two things: how many pets you’re bringing, and the length of your stay.

Like anything, prices vary and you’ll need to shop around. We have seen some dog-friendly Airbnbs charge over $100 for pet fees, while some hosts don’t charge a pet fee at all.

Based on our experience booking pet-friendly Airbnbs for over many years, on average you can expect to pay $25 per pet, per stay. 

How to find pet-friendly Airbnbs

With the global rise in pet ownership in the last few years, it’s easier than ever to add your pet to your stay and search for a dog-friendly Airbnb.

So, just where is the pet-friendly filter on Airbnb? 

Here’s where to find it and browse the pet-friendly Airbnb listings for your destination:

  • On the home page, select your destination followed by your check in/out dates.
  • To add pets to your trip, simply click on the ‘Add guests’ search bar.
  • Select the number of guests – adults, children, infants, and – you guessed it – pets!
  • Airbnb will return its results listing all the pet-friendly stays within your search parameters.
Airbnb Booking Filters - How to Book a Pet-friendly Airbnb


Want pet-friendly and unique?

Check out the new Airbnb Categories filter to explore a range of unforgettable stays, from Tree Houses to Tiny Homes.

There’s even an ‘OMG’ option!

Wait…is it the right dog-friendly Airbnb for you?

While Airbnb’s pet-friendly search filter is simple and user-friendly (and Airbnb does what it can to verify listings) you’ll still need to check the finer details before booking. 

After all, you’ll want to make sure any Airbnb for pets can actually cater to you and your dog’s needs.

Here’s our suggestions of things to check for:

  • Does the Airbnb have any specific house rules for pets? (ie. weight or breed restrictions)
  • Does the host charge additional pet fees?
  • Is the property fully fenced?
  • Will there be other pets on the property? (if your dog is nervous around other pets)
  • Can your pet be left alone at the property for short periods?
  • Are any pet supplies provided for guests? (dog beds, dog bowls, poop bags, extra towels or blankets etc)
  • Does the host provide a list of pet-friendly things to do in the area, such as local pet-friendly cafes or walks?

Of course not all of the above will apply to everyone, but considering these details prior to booking will save unnecessary issues occurring on arrival.

Airbnb House Rules - Pet-friendly Airbnbs

Our #1 top tip for booking a pet-friendly Airbnb:

Double-check your dog is allowed inside the house. 

Many listings say ‘Pets allowed’, but stipulate in the finer print that dogs are allowed outside the house only.

Have questions? Ask the host directly

If an Airbnb listing looks great but doesn’t say specifically if they take pets or not, then don’t be afraid to reach out to the host.

The same applies if you have any questions about pet fees, house rules or general information about the Airbnb property – just ask!

Getting in touch with the host is the best way to answer your questions, and help you decide whether their dog-friendly accommodation is the right choice for you and your best friend.

Luckily, Airbnb has made it super easy to get in touch with the host via the ‘Contact host’ button located at the bottom of the listing.

Message Airbnb Host - How to book a Airbnb that allows pets

Read guest reviews carefully

When taking your dog on holiday, it can be difficult to know if the accommodation you’re considering really is the best option.

This is where guest reviews come in – especially reviews by other pet parents! 

Carefully reading the experiences of other pet parents offers an unbiased assessment of the property and how pet-friendly the facilities are. 

Plus, you’ll often find that reviews mention particular details about the property you might not have considered yourself.

Tips to stay in a pet-friendly Airbnb

Tell the host you’re bringing your pet

On Airbnb guests can say how many pets they plan to bring (from 0 up to 5).

In addition to adding the number of four-legged guests to your booking, you should also write to the host to let them know your dog or pet will be coming too.

Not only is it a courtesy to your Airbnb host, it could potentially avoid an awkward arrival where the host might not be expecting your dog, and therefore haven’t prepared accordingly (for example, using different items and decor in the property).

Our #2 top tip for booking a pet-friendly Airbnb:

Love the look of a property?

Try and win over the host by sending them any glowing reviews you’ve received about your well-behaved pooch (like our example below!)

Pet-friendly Airbnb review by host

The Ultimate Guide to Staying in a Pet-Friendly Airbnb [2022]

Be a good guest & follow the pet rules for the Airbnb

Many Airbnb hosts who allow pets have particular guidelines for guests to abide by to ensure the safety and cleanliness of their property.

These instructions might include:

  • Not letting your dog on the furniture, or perhaps specific items such as beds
  • Not leaving your pet unattended
  • Only use your own bowls to feed your dog, not the property’s
  • Cleaning up after your pet (not that this should even need to be said!)
  • Using designated areas for pet toileting 

Violating any of the rules set out by your Airbnb host may see you charged a penalty fee for damage caused or extra cleaning of items. This will likely come via additional fees charged through the Airbnb Resolution Centre.

Ultimately, an Airbnb is not your property, so it’s important to respect the rules (even if they differ from your own!) 

Keep in mind that failing to follow the rules could also see your host leave a bad review about you, which will put off future hosts from accepting your request to stay (which will make your furry travel buddy very sad!)

Dog walking through dining room of a pet-friendly airbnb

Pack all your pet’s travel essentials

From their special little blanket to their favourite dog toys, you’ll need to remember quite a few things to make sure your pup is comfortable and settled during your stay. 

Not to mention if you’re into photography and would love to capture your special holiday moments on camera, it’s a great idea to bring their dog bed or basket to create the perfect photo op. After all, it’s much easier to take photos of your pup when they’re sleepy!

So to make your pet-friendly holiday prep a little easier, we created this dog travel checklist – a free downloadable list that takes the thought out of packing your pup’s suitcase.

Two dogs staying in a stylish pet-friendly airbnb

Alternative sites to find pet-friendly accommodation

Can’t find a suitable pet-friendly Airbnb? There are a few other sites you can try too.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, rather a few sites we have personally used in the past to successfully book pet-friendly accommodation:

Book dog-friendly accommodation at
Book dog-friendly accommodation at Stayz
Book dog-friendly accommodation Australia at Riparide


Knowing how to book pet-friendly accommodation on Airbnb is easy, and there’s plenty of holiday rentals that allow pets to stay with you. 

But, you’ll want to make sure you’ve read and considered all the details carefully to be sure it’s the right property for you and your best friend.

We hope you’ve found this guide useful, and hope you enjoy your stay in an Airbnb with your dog!

The Ultimate Guide to Staying in a Pet-Friendly Airbnb [2022] - Pinterest
The Ultimate Guide to Staying in a Pet-Friendly Airbnb [2022] - Pinterest Pin


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