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Dr Katrina’s Top 3 Puppy Training Tips

Follow these simple puppy training tips, as recommended by everyone's favourite celebrity vet!

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Photography: Pet Lovers Puppy Club

For expert dog and puppy training tips there is no way you can go past celebrity vet, Dr Katrina Warren. With decades of experience in dog wellbeing and training, there’s nothing Dr Katrina hasn’t seen.

But unless you’ve been lucky enough to feature on one of her top rating shows, getting one-on-one advice from Australia’s favourite celebrity vet hasn’t been an option.

Until now.

Introducing Puppy Club

Along with professional dog trainer, Kelly Gill, Dr Katrina has launched Australia’s first online puppy and adolescent dog training program, the Pet Lovers Puppy Club, which provides everything you need to set your puppy up for life.

Think a 4 week online e-course packed with videos, fact sheets and live chats – all designed to help you teach your pup everything from the basics through to fun tricks.

“The Pet Lovers Puppy Club is great for those who can’t find the time to get to puppy classes or who live in a remote area, but we think it will also be of real benefit as a follow up to puppy classes for owners of adolescent dogs as this is the time when problem behaviours such as separation anxiety, jumping up, chewing and digging can start to emerge,” says Dr Katrina.

Available to anyone with internet access, it doesn’t matter if you’re in Sydney or San Francisco, the program has all the benefits of a class, including weekly socialisation tasks and one-on one advice.

Enrolling in the course immediately makes you part of The Puppy Club community where you can share your tips, stories and photos in the online forum – all while your dog becomes a puppy Einstein!

Dr Katrina's Top 3 Puppy Training Tips


Dr Katrina’s Top 3 Puppy Training Tips

We asked Dr Katrina to share her top 3 training tips for puppies..

1. Always train your puppy before meal times. At this time dogs will respond well to food as motivation, and a motivated puppy is an easy to teach puppy.

2. When starting work on a new command or trick, use ‘high value’ treats. Forget your everyday kibble or treats, try some cooked chicken or something that your puppy really enjoys. This will keep them focused and motivated on the high reward.

3. Keep training sessions short. Puppies have a short attention span and forcing training on them won’t be fun for either of you. Aim for 5–10 minutes, two or three times a day to prioritise training without tiring out your pup.

Dr Katrina's Top 3 Puppy Training Tips


Get the book: Wonderdogs Tricks & Training

TV vet Dr Katrina Warren is one of the country’s most recognised and loved veterinarians. In Wonderdogs Tricks and Training, Dr Katrina has teamed up with professional dog trainer Kelly Gill and the Wonderdogs ─ Willow, Jordie, Jinx and Flynn.

WONDERDOGS teaches 20 fun tricks ranging from easy to advanced, and every trick is accompanied by straightforward step-by-step instructions and photographs. You’ll find everything your dog wants to learn: from sitting, staying and fetching to dancing, spinning and spelling.

Plus, there is a puppy guide to help set up your puppy for life! By learning the secrets to successfully training your pet, you’ll strengthen the bond you both share. With love, patience and a few minutes a day you’ll have your very own Wonderdog.


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Copy: Serena Faber Nelson

Photography: Pet Lovers Puppy Club

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