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‘New Years Resolutions to Steal From Your Dog’ Free New Year Background for Dog Lovers

Your to-do list for this year is about to get a whole lot more simple.

“New Years Resolutions to Steal From Your Dog.”

As we say hello to 2022, are you all about ‘new year, new goals’?

Well, being the huge dog lover we know you are, this free desktop wallpaper and screensaver is just the kind of new year inspirational quote you need to kick start the year!

Because when it comes to positive new years resolutions, we can learn SO much from dogs. Yes, there are countless things to love about our four-legged best friends. But one of the most endearing qualities of dogs is how simply they see the world.

And while being ambitious, having big career or life aspirations, and tackling huge challenges you’d love to overcome all bring wonderful rewards…it’s important to not lose sight of the simple things in life. All the small things that make such a difference to your overall sense of happiness. And to do this, us humans can sure learn a lot from dogs.


New Years Resolutions to Steal From Your Dog - Free Desktop Wallpaper for Dog Lovers

Because true happiness really comes down to being grateful for everything you have, and making the most of every single day. And dogs are pretty darn good at this aren’t they. Why do you think that is?

We’d bet it’s because when it comes down to it, a dog’s life is very uncomplicated. Their source of happiness comes from showing unconditional love, and receiving plenty of life’s simple pleasures regularly – like snacks, exercise and sleep.

So, just imagine how much happier your day-to-day life would be if you stole a few New Years resolutions from your dog? If you took more naps, exercised regularly and showed more appreciation to those you love?

Imagine living a more simple, carefree and compassionate life – just being a bit of a goof sometimes to make someone smile, or giving out a few more hugs when people need them the most. Or not being afraid to reach out when you need it most!

And while it’s true our lives are far more complicated than our four-legged friends, they really don’t have to be. Even the smallest changes to our day-to-day lives can bring a great sense of peace, clarity, positivity and fulfilment.

If you don’t believe us, just ask your dog! Wishing you the happiest year ahead full of naps, snacks, hugs and love xx

To download our free new year background for dog lovers, click on the links below.

New Years Resolutions to Steal From Your Dog - Free Desktop Wallpaper for Dog Lovers


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