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‘Hug Dogs, Shop Small, Repeat’ Free Desktop Wallpaper for Dog Lovers

Good things come to those who shop small. And that goes for your fur baby too!

Copy: Katy & Shell

“Hug dogs. Shop small. Repeat.”

As Christmas is once again fast approaching, this month’s free dog quote wallpaper is a timely reminder of the two most important things you need to do this season – hug dogs, and shop small!

Sure, you can do these things anytime of year, but never is it more important to shop small than in the lead up to Christmas. Many small pet brands are run by one, two or just a very small handful of people, working tirelessly and wearing many different hats (who ever knew you could be a maker/marketer/ads expert/customer service extraordinaire all rolled into one!)

We promise you that when you place an order with a small business, you are supporting the big dog-loving dream of the talented, hardworking people behind the scenes.

Take a quick look at our Dog Lovers Directory and you’ll see that we are BIG supporters of boutique designer dog brands and small pet businesses, all inspired by a love of dogs (some might call it an obsession, but hey – tomato, tomato right?)

So, is hugging dogs and shopping small a mantra you’d love to embrace this Christmas?

Then go ahead and download our fun and free desktop wallpaper for dog lovers below!


Hug Dogs. Shop small. Repeat. Free Desktop Wallpaper for Dog Lovers

Hug Dogs. Shop small. Repeat. Free Desktop Wallpaper for Dog Lovers


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Copy: Katy & Shell

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